Birdbath Boobage By Barefoot

Barefoot by a birdbath in a Plymouth park with her boobs out.

“Oooh, look, a birdbath, time to clean my tits!” The trip to Plymouth last summer was a very fun day out, productive too. What is the saying?

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


Well, if the blog brings in a modest income then it is a job, then the ethical public exposure is part of the workload. I wholeheartedly agree. It doesn’t feel like work, it is mostly fun with my friends.

Back to the birdbath…

I just can’t help myself, and neither can SWL. She’s the planner, I’m the pouncer. Together we seem to make the most of all sorts of opportunities. She planned the Fort – pouring over maps to find a focus for our days adventure. I pounced on the bus stop. We went hunting for a location she thought would be interesting (it was, but I’ve yet to share it) and my eyes landed on the birdbath. Immediately I dropped to my knees while my top tried to fly off into the distance. As you can see, I was working really hard to stop my top flying off!

Teamwork definitely makes the Scavenger Hunt dream work.

SWL drives me potty at times, with her need to plan. And I’m sure I elicit a similar response by my need to not fix plans. But my planned spontaneity works well in tandem with her forward planning. The results – certainly where my public exposures are concerned – speak for themselves!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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