Peace Can Be Found In Hectic times

The barefoot sub found peace in a reverse box tie and painful thigh ropes thanks to 1001011. Collapsed in rope space as she's wearing a sheer body suit, with velvety swirling designs.

When was the last time you found peace? Truly sank into a period of intense calm. maybe only five minutes, ten… When your hammering heart eased and the pace of life was no longer of any concern to you. Lucky me, I’ve been able to access this state a number of times recently. It doesn’t always look like the puddle of chill in the header image, but the feeling in my soul matches up perfectly.

My weekend has been long, hectic and challenging. Importantly though, the stress has been massively outweighed by the fun, the mischief. It got off to the best start though, when I found peace with 1001011

Even more impressive, I was mid visit from my mum. Always a reason for spikes in stress.

He used the GoPro for the first time (for us) last week, and this morning I got to watch the ties unfold (in super quick time) of this evening. Seeing the good times flow, I was amused to see my descent into rope space. He released the uplines, gave me a gentle hug and then… My memory painted a picture, crumpling into the floor, with a glazed expression. Landing in child’s pose. The video depicts a graceful stepping down with a big grin, before folding into child’s pose. (At least part of the memory was right.) How I ended up on my side, snuggled like a bean, I’ll never know. The camera was off then, but you can imagine the scene.

A profoundly relaxed, partially clad woman, balled up on the studio floor, receiving gentle check-in hugs from her rigger friend as he tidies his ropes away around her.

I don’t recall how long I was in my own little bubble. With the camera off I have no way of knowing, nor do I want to know. And when he hit my reset button – I’ll tell you about this in another post perhaps – I was back in the room almost instantly.

It’s funny, the way that the mind plays tricks.

Even though it was quite strange to view our rope time as it unfolds, it’s a fascinating insight. I have loved seeing the communication, connection and trust between us. It is this combination that gives me the freedom to just crumple. Even in the midst of heartache, a car troubles or stressful seasons.

I’d love to hear how you’ve found peace recently. Or if you’re struggling with stress, how would you like to unwind, relax and let go?

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  1. I have filmed bondage (and other) scenes in the past and agree that it is odd in a way, but it does give a fabulous insight into what works well and what doesn’t. Excellent tool.
    I love you took a moment to find a bit of peace. Always needed in our hectic world. My peaceful place is my garden. Now I only need to find a rope partner to play in the greenhouse 🙂

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