Flashing My Arse With Bestvibe Light Up Plugs

A rainbow light up butt plug is flashing in my arse with the rest of the view a bit of a blur
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If you were ever invited to choose your own test products, what would you go for? Personally I like size, shape and simple design. So what on earth possessed me to select a trio of light up butt plugs from Bestvibe? I’m a big fan of flashing my arse, but desiring to have rainbows flashing from deep inside my crack was a thought. One that excited me in the way that only humiliation can. Much like when I tested Rico, I was stepping outside of my comfort zone. Not physically, at least not for the first two sizes. But mentally, I cringed at the pretty plugs that would be lodged in my back passage.

Feeling those particular tingles trickle through my body I decided to request them and see if the flashing lights in my arse added a different layer of pleasure to my playtimes. The team at Bestvibe were very obliging and sent me the set in super-quick time. The plugs arrived in a plastic ziplock bag. Each plug individually wrapped in a thin foam bag for protection, then placed inside a black velvet pouch.

The plugs came in velvet bags, in a plastic zip lock bag.

I have a confession and apology to make. The pictures I took upon opening the package, and in the initial testing phase, have been eaten up by a dead phone. Since then I have passed along the smallest plug so the product pictures I’m sharing are of the medium and large plugs. Rest assured, the smallest is just as pretty as the other two

What’s all this about flashing butt plugs?

The best vibe butt plugs out of the packet, turned off and turned on.

The Bestvibe rainbow light up butt plugs come in a set of three. Crafted in Aluminium alloy, the butt plugs are shiny, sleek and have a certain weight to them. Especially the largest of the trio. The plugs are quite bulbous so may feel challenging for an absolute beginner, even in the smallest plug. The stem is long enough to allow each plug to sit comfortably inside your anal sphincter, and the flared base has a slightly bigger circumference than the widest part of its plug. This reminded me that I’d be safe to wear for longer stretches.

Each plug has a flashing light in the flared base.

The base unscrews and out pops a white light case. Inside here is the lighting and the batteries. You’ll need to remove the plastic tag from between the two LR932 batteries before the you’re able to work through the flashing patterns. Of which there are three. The first is where all three colours are flickering but on, the second rotates through the colours and the final pattern is a slow rotation through the lights.

Dismantled aluminium butt plug with lights working.

Watching the patterns of the lights was mesmerising. Gazing at the bright colours I mindfully ran my fingers over and around the edges of the plugs in turn. There were no hidden burrs, or ouch-y points to catch on, this matched my visual checks and I was really happy to proceed.

Am I the kind of girl who would enjoy something pretty flashing in my arse?

Surely I’m not! But then again, maybe I am…

Setting about testing I got out my lube. For the smallest I used the Bestvibe water based lube and popped it in. The lube I used worked great for me, but you may wish to try out the water based anal lubricant on offer from Bestvibe. If you’re an absolute beginner the shape of the plug may look a little bulbous but if you push down (like you’re going to the toilet) the plug is small enough to go in easier than you might imagine. And when it’s in place I had no fears of this plug flying out as I bent over. (This has actually happened with a previous first size training plug. That, though, is a tale for another day!)

Quickly moving on to the second size I remembered to use my favourite silicone lube. A special treat as I usually fuck myself with silicone toys. The silicone in the lube made the plug slide into my arse with such ease my eyes nearly popped out of my head. (It’s been a long time since I’ve been used in this orifice and I’ve not been training.) Settling into position the weight of the plug was noticeable but not uncomfortable. Or tricky to keep in place. With a little time on my hands I enjoyed a few hours of enjoyment.

The largest plug is quite a step up. As I say, I’ve been out of training, so have been enjoying the stretch of pushing it in just far enough, without inserting it fully. I like having something to work towards and I know how proud I’ll be when I can fit the whole plug in my arse and the in-situ flashing can commence.

The lights worked beautifully and were easy to scroll through.

The ease of scrolling through the patterns really helps when you’re playing solo. Each lighting change press provided the added bonus of pressure to my hole. Lovely!

Light up your arse in the dark with these flashing butt plugs.

I have the desire to go camping and use these for target practise in the (almost) dark. They are bright enough to illuminate enough of a bottom for impact, I’m sure! Though, I imagine that starting with a light implement may be a good idea, until you get into the swing of things.

Catching sight of myself in the mirror, after yet another orgasm, I couldn’t help looking at the rotating colours flashing in my arse crack. Mesmerising is the right word for sure. I had to take a picture, sent it to the wonderful CC who I knew would appreciate it. Sending the picture was slightly embarrassing, but not toe curlingly so. Her response of “very pretty” made me giggle and fawn, rather than making me blush with embarrassment. Perhaps I’ve been missing out on a secret side of me all these years. Is this a new leaf for Barefoot – one of sparkles and glitter? (I know at least one top who would enjoy that!)

After I’ve had my arse flashing it’s time to clean up.

Being aluminium the plugs are easy to clean and sterilisable. However, the base is a screw on one, and there is a sealing ring where the two meet. This doesn’t mean it is waterproof though. The little pod with the lights and batteries in are not a sealed unit. And lube (and other bodily fluids) can leak in around the edges. With this in mind, after play I found it useful to take the whole plug to pieces. Once in pieces, the plastic light pod can be wiped clean. The metal parts are now ready for soaping, soaking and sanitising. Just make sure to drain all of the residue from inside the hollow metal plug.

Final thoughts on the rainbow light up butt plugs?

Betsvibe’s trio of light up butt plugs is not just a great starting point for anal play. With the smallest being very beginner friendly, and the largest providing a challenge for me and my untrained yet still greedy bum. While it’s a shame the lube leaked into the base, no harm was done to the toy. It was also easy enough to dismantle for cleaning. It’s great to have a wider base than body for the plug, but for longer term wear I prefer a T-bar base. This glitter princess likes comfort! Though, the reality of these plugs is that they are not really for long term wear. They are for pretty and sparkles and illuminating a target in the dark. I’m sure they’re being added to toy boxes with the intention of adding rainbow flashing lights to many an arse. Entertainment for the wearer and their lover(s).

Fancy turning yourself into a kinkster with a flashing arse? You can buy the three pack of flashing rainbow light-up butt plugs for £26.99. If you’re not so sure about the flashing lights check out Bestvibe’s entire range of butt plugs where you’re sure to find the right ‘fit’. And don’t forget to use code BAREFOOT at checkout to receive the triangle cock ring as a gift.

You can find plenty more product reviews here, on a leap of faith. If you’d like to discuss me reviewing your products please get in touch via my contact form.

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