slicking up the jormangund using bestvibe waterbased lubricant.

Slicking Up With Lube From Bestvibe

slicking up the jormangund using bestvibe waterbased lubricant.
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Sometimes I have a realisation that I need to make a change. And when I do there’s no stopping me. As a long time sex toy user, I appreciate the addition of lube during play. Especially where anal or large insertions are concerned. But also, sometimes the mind is willing but the body is reluctant to engage. And lube can add such a lot to play, even when it’s not necessary for slicking up the routes. I’m a fan. I use it during most of my playtimes, solo and with others. So why oh why have I only reviewed one clitoral stimulant and a grand total of ZERO lubes? Perhaps it’s because I’m a creature of habit…

But on the topic of slicking up toys, perhaps Bestvibe would like a lube review?

When my contact at asked what products I would like to test I requested a tube. As I’d been linking it into my reviews I thought I would be best off testing it and seeing if it makes a good recommendation. I think the team were surprised at my request but agreed and sent me a bottle of their water-based lubricant.

Bestvibe water-based lubricant comes in three different sizes.

150ml costs £9.99. 240ml comes in at £11.99. 300ml is priced at £17.99. The bottle is ergonomically shaped. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and is tactile and squeezable. The base also plonks into place as an insertible, which could come in handy, especially if you are away from home with only this bottle of lube for company. I would urge you not to experiment with the lid end though. That would cause you a mischief as the rim of the lid is a bit sharp.

bestvibe water-based lube bottle

The squirty nozzle which, not only allows for precision lubrication – in the form of droplets – can also be inserted into tricky spots. This makes anal lubrication much easier for me, and I think this would be a helpful feature for slicking up masturbators and sex dolls in preparation for fucking.

Let me tell you a little more about Bestvibe water-based lubricant?

Like so many vagina owners, lubricants with glycerine in the ingredients causes me to have a bloom of candida. While not the end of the world, thrush is not fun! Since learning about ingredients and how they affect me I pay special attention to what is in lubes and stimulants. So many of them include my thrush trigger, but not this one. This is mirrored in one of the top reviews – a customer who also struggles with thrush hasn’t had the issue with this lubricant. However, if you’re following a vegan lifestyle avoid slicking up with this lube whose ingredients list includes egg whites.

ingredients on bestvibe water-based lube bottle

In my experience most water based lubes I’ve tried tend to be slick initially, like the Egg-whites phase of my menstrual cycle. While they start off stretchy and smooth between my fingers they become tacky until reapplied. The Bestvibe lube initially feels a little more watery, but it retains the same consistency and level of lubrication for longer. I found that rather than becoming tacky, it just became less fluid. Precision reapplication was easy (thanks to the point-and-squirt nozzle) and rather than having to clean up sticky residue before the fresh drops took effect, it was an immediate return to fluid motion.

While it is easy to lube up repeatedly, it is also quick to wash away. It leaves no sticky residue which is always a bonus. When there is a spill, the formulation doesn’t stain fabrics either.

stretching the freshly applied lubricant.

Lube, slicking up, and accepting toys: How did that go?

It’s a hard life, reviewing lube. Honestly, I want to give you the full picture which means testing a variety of toys, and having lots of orgasms.

I started with the Jormangund, a large toy with a polished silicon finish.

Using Bestvibe lube the toy insertion, which was a stretch as I’m out of training, had a squeaky sensation rather than smooth and slippery slide inwards. It did the job, but I would prefer a bit more gloop with larger toys.

If I was worried about future insertions I didn’t let that hold me back.

Next up was a smaller vibrator with a slightly draggy finish. This was a fabulous combination, my labia were able to gently grip the shaft but didn’t squeak against it while thrusting. This gave me the confidence to test out anally, and though not specifically designed for anal play, the lube allowed for a comfortable, smooth insertion. I found the lubrication lasted long enough and, as previously mentioned, the squirty nozzle allows for tucking in beneath the flared base and applying fresh lube to exactly the right slot.

bestvibe waterbased lube slicking up the powercock
Sealing and sliding?

Given that it’s a little more watery than my usual choice of lubricant, I was unsure how it would create a seal on suction toys. I didn’t experience any difficulty when testing the Pussy Pump, the suction cup seals with a drizzle of this lube.

Playing with my two favourite wands I found my smooth headed Doxy was marginally less effective with the lube. The Hitachi, however, with its slightly textured head, had an extra edge of intensity.

As with slicking up my own back passage I tested with Rico.

His TPE butthole felt smooth against my fingers, as I probed him and worked the lube in. This ease continued as I used a generous strap on with him. I didn’t find I needed to reapply before my legs got tired as the lube didn’t get tacky. I’m under no illusions, my strapon and Rico’s arse aren’t human flesh, and so I can’t say flesh-on-flesh works as well as other lubes I’ve tried. But we (OK, I) had a thoroughly stimulating time.

Final thoughts on slicking up with Bestvibe’s water-based lubricant.

I have sensitive skin, and my vaginal flora can be reactive to certain ingredients. I was pleased I didn’t experience any negative effects with this fluid lubricant. However, with ingredients in mind, the inclusion of egg whites may mean this isn’t the lube for you. Not just vegans, but those with an egg allergy will need to avoid this.

If neither of these are an issue for you, then there is a whole host of applications for this lube. It was perfectly serviceable (if not my preference) for large, shiny toys. But I loved it when used for smaller insertions, especially vaginally. Also the fact that I didn’t find it to get tacky during play was a huge bonus, along with the sealing action on suction toys.

The squirty nozzle is also a great touch, especially for this woman who has been known to be heavy handed with the pump action bottles.

squirty nozzle
This is a very welcome addition to my toy cupboard.

It works well with the viscosity of my natural lubricant, and adds a delightful slickness to play times. While I didn’t find it the most enjoyable addition with larger toys, the seal created on suction toys is strong, and the smoothness with smaller, slightly draggy insertibles was a treat. In fact, the lube seems to work better (for me) with a little texture to work with, rather than squeaky smooth toys.

Can you see yourself slicking up with the Bestvibe water based lube? They offer free shipping on orders over £39, along with Seasonal sales and a coupons page. Why not pad out your basket with this toy box essential.

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