Hands Free Pleasure With Misses M and K.

The hands free belt design masturbator in place on a dildo.
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It’s time to welcome back my good friend Miss M, also known as CC if you’re familiar with her from past adventures. She has been kind enough to trial the Hands Free Belt Design Masturbator from Bestvibe, with a little help from her new partner in mischief – Miss K. A handy introduction, as this is my K day for A – Z April! Together they decided to torment The Boy. Bestvibe have such a selection of penis specific toys, I’m loving vicariously through Miss Ms reviews. Would the pair of them find this to be a great addition to their ever growing toy box?

Thank you Barefoot and Bestvibe for letting me use this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review. 

First impressions out of the box. 

This item is well packaged, in a simple plain black box. Inside, with the hands free, belt design masturbator, is the charging cable and the instructions manual.

Masturbator packaging

The design looks like it wraps around the head of the cock and top of the shaft with some adjustments on the sleeve part. The charging port is a little hard to see but is situated just above the on button, which in turn is above the silver metal bullet vibe, but is easy to use and the charging cable is a Standard USB . 

Claims to be fully waterproof. (See cleaning.) 


Words as written on the Bestvibe website: 

  • Not only a masturbator but also a Penis exerciser. 
  • 10 vibrating modes to follow your own pace. 
  • The belt design suits any size. 
  • Skin-friendly silicone & ABS material is worry-free. 
  • USB rechargeable & intensive life waterproof .

Charging the new tormentor.

The charging cable is a USB jack. I put this on charge while I went about getting things ready for the session I had planned for the weekend. The website claims charging time is 120 minutes and a run time of 60 minutes. I left mine to charge for an hour, when the light stopped blinking. So I assume it had some charge when arriving. 

For science I put the exerciser on a stunt cock and left it running on the first pattern which is a steady vibration and timed it. At 52 minutes it slowed and died. I then put it back on charge ready for the session. 

timing the charge

Obviously during a session you would draw different levels of power depending on the patterns and how you use it. For me the fun was I could easily change patterns and remove it from the cock and stop the stimulation right away.  

Once it was fully charged I had a chance to become familiar with the functions, I like to play around and become familiar with how things switch on and off and how the functions change. 

The way to fasten this toy is via two small rubber buttons that push through the holes in the other side of the sleeve. I found this a little fiddly but once done it stayed closed and didn’t come apart during the session or since. 

How was the hands free masturbator enjoyed in session?

My boy doesn’t masturbate when I am not there. He isn’t caged normally, it’s an honour bound chastity. 

During this session I had a helper that I shall call Miss K. Together we’d sourced a few new toys to introduce to The Boy. We had planned to have fun putting the boy into a cock cage and explore teasing him that way. 

The usual warm up for him. Strapped down with ropes, this time to a lovely soft blow up mattress. (I know, I am far too kind to him, dear reader). 

We put the new cage on him and then the fun began. 

Miss K and Miss M (M is for Mean in case you were wondering) began with some fairly gentle (in our eyes at least!) teasing, tickling his feet and tweaking his nipples. I wondered if the new toy would work over the cage and to my delight it did. Much fun and laughter followed as the boy commented that it looked like Magneto.

And now I can’t un-see it. That’s ok by us though as we always have lots of laughing and banter in our dynamic and that’s also why Miss K fits in so well. We can be serious when the need arises, but life is far too short to not have laughter. 

Anyway back to the feel of the device…

The boy tells me he liked the sensation. However, it was rather intense through the cage, and I know with experience that too much vibration makes him become insensitive. I enjoyed going through the 10 different patterns and hearing him exclaim, “too much…”, “oh god” and so on. (then reminding him that there are no gods in my house only Goddesses. He needs reminding by turning the intensity back up.) I used it in play for about 30 minutes with a caged cock, before moving on to other torments. This may not be your preferred way of playing. 

hands free masturbator in situ on The Boy.

Cleaning up the masturbator. Is it a hands free affair?

As usual, I like to clean all my toys with warm water and antibac soap, you can of course use a reputable toy cleaner such as the ones Miss Barefoot uses. I washed this toy in a sink of water and left it to dry on a towel overnight before putting it back on charge , so no apparent ill effects from being in the water. 

What are my overall thoughts? 

As with my most recent guest review, I liked this toy. It’s pretty simple to use, the on button is held down for a few seconds then when the light glows you press again to go through the patterns. It’s small enough to pack away discreetly if you need to travel or hide it away for some reason. It isn’t too noisy, and could be used in a room with the door closed if you need to be extra discreet.  

I’m leaving this toy charged up, in the cock toys drawer, ready to grab and use again.

Do you like the look of the Hands Free Belt Design Masturbator from Bestvibe? If so it is currently on sale for £29.69. And with free shipping on orders over £39, maybe add some water based lube to your basket for added pleasure.

If you’d like to see more of Miss M, Miss K and The Boy then you can find them on Twitter, Only Fans and Clips4Sale.

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  1. HAPPY to have helped with the letter K 😉 the boy has enjoyed all the torment we have been putting him through as a test subject lol xx

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