Honey PlayBox Lili: Review

Honey play box lili on charge inside the storage bag.
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Honey PlayBox emailed recently, offering me to review the Lili. As we all know, I like to see what new highs I can reach with sex toys so I agreed and it was soon winging its way to me.

What is the Honey PlayBox Lili?

I hadn’t accepted their offer blind. Naturally I checked out the product page over at Honey PlayBox, discovered the Lili is an app controlled egg-style vibrator. The entire toy is made of thick, soft silicone. According to the information online this allows the deep and rumbly vibrations to “penetrate deep into your body and spread widely, making you tremble from head to toe.” I love a toy that turns my body into a trembling mess of pleasure, I waited impatiently for my new toy to turn up.

When it did I was in for a real treat!

I didn’t have to wait as long as I’ve made it sound, it arrived within the week which, given the state of the UK postal service and the fact it travelled all the way from Chino, US, wasn’t long at all. In line with the discrete shipping policy there is no mention of the adult company who had sent the parcel, but international shipping laws require a customs note complete with contents. Mine stated a Mini Personal Health Massager was inside, so nothing overtly sex related. Nice work! However, this post isn’t about the state of postal services and international customs. No!

Instead it is about the Honey Play Box Lili so I shall continue…

The longer I use sex toys, the more excited I get over products that aren’t just pink or purple. The Lili is a bright, bold orange, and the Honey PlayBox Bee branding makes an appearance too. The buttons on the remote control are like honeycomb, which is so often to be found on their products – like this stroker. The controller itself looks, from certain angles, like the head of a bee. The egg section reminds me of a flower on a stem, and the end of the stem, the power button, has the brand logo emblazoned on it. I can’t explain why I find this so pleasing, but each time I take Lili in hand a big grin spreads over my face.

Honey Play Box Lili packaged up.

Preparing for pleasure.

Opening the box took hard work. The bottom fits snugly inside the top, and the packaging is high quality so no sliding a finger up the side. At least, my fat fingers wouldn’t fit. Inside I found the egg vibrator, complete with long silicone stem, remote control, two charging cables, an guide to the app, and a fabric bag that felt like suede to the touch.

For some reason I was surprised to open the box and find two charging cables. I guess most of the sex toy remote controls I’ve used have had replaceable rather than rechargeable batteries? Anyway, this one didn’t, and was going to require charging along with the actual vibrator. It’s a good job I have a four way USB adaptor, and thinking it better to be safe than sorry/frustrated I also plugged in my phone.

Charging up the two components for the Honey Play Box Lili

The remote control charger has magnetic points. These form a firm connection which, when I shoved the charging toys into their bag (see header image) they continued to charge. The vibrator charges via a DC attachment. Again, this wasn’t affected by thrusting the toy into the bag. However, I did find it tricky to locate the DC adaptor inside the silicone body. It needs sliding in at a slight angle, too much or too little and the pin feels like it inserts down the side of the motors. Patience is definitely a virtue! Don’t do a barefoot. Heavy handed-ness has no place with Lili, she needs tender loving care. Once in place Lili takes two hours to charge, providing approximately an hour of vibrations.

Making use of Lili without the app.

The simplest way to use Lili is by pressing the power button at the end of the stem. A two second press wakes her up, and then a firm press starts the vibrations. With three intensities followed by six different patterns.

The bulb fits easily into the palm of my hand, and feeling the rumbles in my grasp it seemed my flesh grew fat and tender. I added a little lube and slid the silicone egg into place. The vibrations carry gently down the stem; with my two days growth it was almost a tickle as the stem trailed between my labia and the sensations spread across them. If you enjoy light clitoral stimulation, and I appreciate many women are much more sensitive clitorally than I, then I think you will really find a great deal of pleasure in these sensations.

I’m a jack-hammer-vibrations kinda girl, and so got my wand out. As expected, I reached orgasm pretty quickly with this addition. What surprised me was the balance of my blended orgasm, the internal vibrations caused my cunt to spasm and pulse in the same way as when I enjoy a fist. Odd, yet very welcome, considering the size difference.

After a few of these vaginal eruptions I had drained the battery entirely. Ah well, it would soon be time to continue my explorations…

While recharging I visited the Google Playstore.

Downloading the Honey Play Box app and connecting the Lili were incredibly simple. Even for this technophobe. I won’t try and explain how the different functions work, though I will be taking you through my adventures with it, but there’s an in-depth manual which you can have a look at here.

To use the app you need to create an account, using an email address and sharing your date of birth. Once past this stage you connect Lili to the Honey PlayBox app using Bluetooth connection while the toy is in stand-by mode. Once connected the app opens up for you. You can access waves shared by other app-users, as well as accessing the standard patterns and creating your own. There is also the option to signal the community, make new sexy friends. Or you can send the link to someone you know and offer them control. I could write for days on the features in the app, but seriously, you need to see it for yourself. I’ve used a competitors app and found it to be a little meh, this one makes sense, even to this technophobe!

How exciting! The app opens up different ways to play.

Remotely controlling my own pleasure.

Scrolling through the vibrations using the tail end of the egg or the remote control is great, but what if I told you there is a way to provide EXACTLY the stimulating pattern you most crave? In the app you can create your own waves and save them for another time. You can even add them to the public homescreen, giving others the opportunity to test out your vibrations. Coming together as a community was never easier.

Perhaps try taking the Lili out for public play?

I did wish to take Lili out for a spin round town. You know… The kind of secret mischief that weaves a grin into your lips even when there are rude shop assistants to contend with. With an hour of playtime that would be enough for me to run all my errands and hopefully edge myself. Having experienced the powerful vibrations I thought this would be achievable.

With the bud inserted I pulled on my boots and walked out the door. Switching it on with the app as I walked to my gate. All of a sudden all I could hear were vibrations. Now, I’ve mentioned they are strong and rumbly? In spite of being relatively quiet when switched on inside they now seemed to drown out the noises of the street beyond my gate. Eeek! As I was alone I didn’t have anyone to reality check for me, and as I work hard to not expose others to my kinks (especially when in public) I thought I’d best return the egg, along with its super powerful and pleasurable sensations, to the house.

Checking the volume using my sound meter which measures the highest intensity OUTSIDE of the body at 66.7dB. The same measurement taken with the egg nestled in my folds came to 39.4dB. It was still audible for me so I didn’t risk exposing the vanilla world to my wayward adventures. Instead I took it along to a local fetish night. There was music and laughter, the sounds of impact and fucking resonated throughout the building. But even sat between two friends, or hugging bunny, or enjoying a caning from Master Bigfoot… the vibrations (and associated noise) went unnoticed by those around me.

Talking of music and laughter…

Did I mention the app responds to music? This function was really helpful while discretely using Lili at the event. Linking to the app via Bluetooth, then selecting the Sound Mode followed by the microphone. It is a sensitive function. The vibrations sky rocket with a shriek, or a crinkling crisp packet. Even as I’m sat here listening to music with the egg resting in my knickers (the vibrations feel soft and melty through my labia, washing over my clitoris) the tip-tapping on my keyboard is adding to the experience. Especially the firm thwack of my thumb on the space bar!

You can also use a local music player, if you have one, as it works alongside the Honey PlayBox app. I don’t have one, but if it is anywhere near as responsive as the microphone you’ll all be in for a treat.

What about long-distance, partnered play?
long distance play

While coordinating diaries has proved tricky, the sharing of my link is straightforward. Even I couldn’t get it wrong. You do need to be logged in to the app to use this feature, which means connecting Lili, but I have made use of the hook up function on the app. This is where you can connect with other app users and exchange patterns, hand over control to a stranger. This is a kink in and of itself for me so was fun to try, especially in the safe confines of my own home. The great thing about the app is how simple it is to use, self-explanatory and technophobe-friendly.

Final thoughts on the Honey PlayBox Lili.

The Lili is such an interesting piece of kit, Honey PlayBox have created something that works well across the board. It’s both beginner friendly and offers an intense experience for more seasoned sex toy users. The app is straightforward, offering variety for solo and partnered play. It also provides a great connection for long-distance lovers and even offering functionality for hook ups.

I did find making the internal connection for the DC charger quite challenging. However, a bit like finding other peoples clits, once I got the knack it wasn’t so difficult. So long as I remember to be gentle and take my time there is no issue.

The thick, yielding silicone carries the rumbly vibrations really well. So well that it feels like the comfortably sized egg swells internally as it pulses and vibrates inside. The sensations carry through my body well so I can hear each rumble loudly in my ears. This doesn’t seem to be obvious to others when used without their knowledge, but you’ll need to do your own risk assessment here.

If Lili gets your juices flowing, or you think she might, head over to Honey PlayBox. Here this App controlled Egg vibrator is currently on sale.

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