Elust 159 – Cuffs, Chastity And Rubber Chickens

Image courtesy of Ivy Maddox

Oh my goodness me, Spring is almost here and it’s brought with it the glorious view of Ivy Maddox as she graces the top of Elust 159 with her very sexy derriere. February is, possibly, my least favourite month of the year. Though for the fourth time in the last five years I’ve participated in February Photo Fest, which kept me very busy indeed! This month I have more time to be relaxing into the monthly digest which I always love to dig through.

What in this months edition? My title “Elust 159 – Cuffs, Chastity And Rubber Chickens” only tells part of the story. Lets go and see if it’s still the hottest place to catch up on the best and sexiest posts on the internet…

Welcome to Elust 159

Congratulations to Safe Lust for winning the monthly Elust Contest for January.

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Erotic Fiction

Bedroom Eyes 20 Left on a cliff-hanger I hope the Pizza Boy is safe from those two minxes!

Mr. Welsh and the Bathtub It’s all about the Menage a Moi, but is it? Does Lisa get more than she bargained for?

The Master Plan – Part 11 It looks like Rose is well and truly fucked, but not in the way that Natalya and X are.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Foreplay This is one of the best analogies for foreplay I’ve heard yet.

Never bored with a board game How do you introduce different groups of friends to each other? For me it was board game, spanking and a rubber chicken!

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Collars And Cuffs: Japanese Vs American Bondage Equipment Liz takes us with her as she compares and contrasts Japanese bondage equipment with its American counterparts.

The Ultimate Guide to Diap@er Kinks, ABDL, and Infantilism Thanks to Tigerlily for her post I now feel I understand why others enjoy ABDL a little better.

Pegging A fabulous insight into LockedUpL and Rs first foray into anal play. Or, perhaps, Ls introduction to receiving butt stuff.

Ask Emma: Can Cuckolding Cause Erectile Dysfunction? It’s great to see this topic being written about, especially so sensitively.

How to Get the Most Out Strap-On Sex: 7 Tips *Bookmarked!

Sex Work

Podopheleus Triple-Formed Review Possibly one of my favourite book reviews to date. The topic is fascinating, but also trying to figure out the answers to the quiz. Grrrr!

Secretary Role-Play Lady in Latex is a sight for sore eyes, or at least it seems that way with her ‘manager’ losing any self restraint.

My Dungeon Valentine What a fabulous event this must have been. Read this piece if you want to be inspired to get to a kinky party. Even if you’re not looking to play, you should be able to enjoy some steamy sites!

Erotic Body Slide Massage I wonder if Sandra gives lessons in Body Slide Massages? This seems like a skill I’d enjoy having!

Can an Escort Really Be Authentic? Tulsi shares her experiences and expectations of her life as an escort. I love that she has found the balance, and manages to maintain her authenticity, her sense of self. Lucky clients!

Writing about writing

Adventures in Writing: Dear Teenage Me… Mischa Eliot has bowed to the tech pressure and installed the Jetpack App. Thanks for the reminder to get my ass in gear and figure it out, I had no idea it offered up prompts and, well, I love a prompt! I also love the advice she gives to her teenage self.

Erotic Non Fiction

My Girlie Bits Today I have learnt a new word, Fourchette, and have had my curiosity re-ignited. Jades Lil Sister is just as pretty with shiny captured beads or with the brutal, heavy steel weights.

Orgasmic party tricks When you occasionally imagine yourself in a FLR with a caged partner, it’s helpful to get the perspective from someone living that way. Thumper offers up a valuable insight into the world of the male orgasm.

Books and Movies

You Get to Define Your Sexuality on Your Terms Another month, another movie added to my adult viewing wish list!

Product Reviews

Liberator Esse Luxury Sex Lounger If you want to feel like “sex royalty” then Miss Ruby has the perfect solution.

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