Me and two playmates sat round the table putting a kinky twist on a board game, don't want to get bored.

Never Bored With A Board Game

Me and two playmates sat round the table putting a kinky twist on a board game, don't want to get bored.

I was having a good old perv in my private folders the other day. Specifically looking through the one titled “Pain Tasks”. The Board Game sub-folder sparked a memory, and a grin, so I opened it up.

This particular task was to create something fun and painful for myself and a couple of friends, and to give a speech of thanks afterwards. What’s more fun than playing with your friends? I decided a board game would be a good start, in this instance a game I’ve had since I was nine. It’s called Bonkers and is always silly, with the USP “never the same game twice”. But this outing was entirely unique. Which was very pleasing indeed.

When I first spotted this photo I wanted to write a post about play partners. Specifically about how being a playmate of mine isn’t necessarily going to lead to a sexual dynamic. And how fun life and play can be without that being added in to the mix. An extension to my thoughts on non-monogamy. But it feels a bit of a long train of thought and my platform isn’t long enough for it. In short though I will say, the only guarantee of playing with me is that you will have fun.

Whether that is through spanking. Or board games. Or a curious blend of the two. I was so pleased to have LovelyL and Juggler excitedly take me up on the invitation. And with Master BigFoot on hand with cups of tea and his camera we were all set to go.

I can’t quite remember the adult rules I made up for my twisted board game. But I know they will be in my correspondence with Sir, somewhere. At the time though we were properly clued up on the rules I’d created, and having introduced LovelyL, recapped boundaries and (un)covered available spanking locations everyone was slightly more relaxed. Next I laid out our implements of torture and it was time to start.

What a blast!

When I’m asked, on sites like Fab, if I want some “fun” they never mean such silliness as this. They mean a tumble in the bed, or on the sofa or, occasionally, in the back seat of their car.

With my restrictions as they are I couldn’t engage in that even if I wanted to. Which I don’t particularly. With playmates I want actual fun, lots of laughs, and creative play. A PIV quickie is not that. Or at least not very often, and if that’s what I’m looking for I’ll usually reach out to a talented lover I know can make that situation good for me.

Thinking on something Dr Lovelace said, years ago, about our kinky playtimes – as so many people struggled with the fact our play is platonic rather than sexual. She pointed out that if we were vanilla friends we might spend the evening eating good food, playing cards and having a giggle. No-one would bat an eyelid or even consider that we might be fucking too. Our games just look a little different. We have rope after dinner, or hot wax with tea and biscuits.

Whether I turn up with a board game and a rubber chicken (which has stolen the show in a number of scenes now.) Or I bring rope and my tickly fingers. Or I bare my ass for a beating and cry with laughter throughout, you can guarantee that my goal is for fun. Games. Mischief. Occasionally this will include sexual gratification. But on the whole, I just love to play with my mates.

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  1. Oh yes I totally agree. One of the things I loved about some of the events we went to was the combination of social time with friends, eating, drinking, talking and laughing, mingled in with a great beating etc


    1. Hmmm, maybe I need a follow up post. And some refresher gaming, just to be sure I’m being accurate! (The rubber chicken has featured in a number of daft scenes I’ve put together. Thank goodness my friends don’t take kink too seriously!)

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