Elust 158 – February 2023

Elust 158 header shows a bound anime woman by Pilen
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Every month sex bloggers from around the globe submit their favourite post from the month before. Then, Oz sets to work creating the digest we all know and love and prepares it for sharing on our sites. Elust 158 has been a very welcome addition to my reading this week, and I can’t wait to show you all the posts. Not only does Oz put together the digest, he also puts on a competition to help us promote our work through the monthly posting. I am very grateful for my erotic vouchers, but would love to be beaten to the prize by anyone. Want to know how to be part of the competition?

Let me hand you over to Oz who will introduce Elust 158 more succinctly than me.

Congratulations to The Barefoot Sub for winning the monthly Elust Contest for December! Hope you enjoy your gift card for Regulation. Everyone with a post included here in Elust now has a chance to win a gift voucher of your choice to buy something sexy. The voucher will be for £50 GBP or whatever that converts to in your currency. Choose any voucher from a reputable site that has gift vouchers I can buy and send by email. The winner will be the first person to score 5 out of 5.

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Welcome to Elust 158.

Right, now I’ve got that out of the way let’s have a look at what’s in store for you in Elust 158…

Erotic Non Fiction

Why on earth wouldn’t I want to live the rest of my life as a woman? GirlieBoy explores the changing landscape of her world, I love how she is enjoying dating other women now, and how the driving force is shared intimacy, the outcome friendship – respect and understanding – rather than just tumbling into bed.

Friday, I’m in Love Mistress Victory is such a wicked tease, and it looks like she’s found someone who can match her sadistic side with his masochism. De. Lish. Us.

His Fingers Men’s hands hold a fascination with me, having all but fetishised fingers I was delighted to read jade’s post. She really has a way of taking me with her as she writes, and those marks on her thighs… I now have a craving.

Erotic Fiction

Working From Home Nightmare In a time where we have all become so accustomed to doing business online, I don’t think there can be many of us who aren’t certain our adventures won’t come back to bite us.

Dating Isn’t So Bad After All I stand by the fact I’m no switch, but this fantasy might lead you to alternative conclusions.

Baby Girl Tease No comment I leave here will do this steamy story justice… You’ll just have to go and check out her words for yourself!

Sex Work

Theatre and a Threesome. A Duo Date with Mackenzie Beckles A fun trip to the theatre followed by hot strap on sex… What’s not to love!

Eiffel Towers and Assgasms. Duo with Goddess Cleo and FoXtress I will never tire of Oz retelling his scenes. Oh to be a fly on the wall! Or, perhaps more accurately, an active participant… #LifeGoals

Playing with Myself with my New Thrusting Dildo I love reading posts that normalise the problems we face when we want to pair specific toys. Notably, that we just don’t have enough hands! Fortunately Sandra had help on hand.

Product Reviews

TOY TEST – Propinkup Bunny Elf Clitoral Sucker After a challenging start to working with this company Morgan was able to find some satisfaction in her explorations.

John Thomas Toys POD Platinum Silicone Stretcher Review A glowing review of the John Thomas Toys POD, from the always honest Joanne’s Reviews.

Cosmo Flogger It always pays to find an honest, impartial review. This flogger made me squeal-wiggle because it’s so pretty, but would the product live up to expectations?

New Fleshlight Boost Line-Up Safe Lust introduces the latest offering from Fleshlight.

Books and Movies

Thoughts on Anne Rice’s ‘The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty’ Have you read the Sleeping Beauty books, by Anne Summers? If not tread carefully here, there are spoilers. (but it’s a well balanced review, in my opinion.)

O Fantasma (2000): The Celluloid Dungeon A deep dive into the Portuguese film O Fantasma, and the protagonists sexual discovery.


Sayonara 2022, I’m so thrilled to see you go I admit it, I fell down the rabbit hole of numerology. A fantastic post which has made me more curious than I ever thought.

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

EVEN MORE Truths about Dating as a Sex Industry Professional I still consider myself a fledgling blogger but this post was timely in answering some of the puzzles I’m trying to work out.

Quality is the key I love reading about Julie’s life, and this look at her body count is no exception.

Awesome Sex I’m not going to write a comment here, the one I left on his post says it all. Go and read that! (And his work, obviously!)

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Shiny Things Hannah has one of my favourite blogs, she also has some mind bogglingly hot dresses. Which naturally means I have dress envy.

Chastity and FemDom Tasks List Story – Part 5 What a lot of kinky-fuckery going on in one story. Two Dommes, two slaves, many positions and toys, punishments and pleasure.

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