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Bestvibe Adams Masturbator: Guest Review

The Bestvibe Adams masturbator laid out on a blue towel.
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The team at Bestvibe contacted me recently to invite me to review some products. On the list Bestvibe sent was a masturbator, the Adams 3 In 1 masturbation cup. I had the age-old problem of not having the required equipment to review penis specific sex toys. But with ten different vibrations, five thrusting patterns and five intensities of suction I was itching to find out if this was worth my future intentions… One day I look forward to being able to test these myself, but for now I shall live vicariously through CC and the boy. Both of whom take great pleasure in testing penis specific toys to help you understand how they might work for you. Well CC does, the boy is pure putty in her hands.

First impressions out of the box.

This item is well packaged, in a simple plain box. On taking it out of the box it looks cool and feels sturdy. It felt  well balanced in my hands but was a bit heavy.

In the bottom of the box were the instructions in five different languages.

It takes four hours to charge and has four controls buttons.

  •  On off
  • vibration
  • sucking mode
  •  telescoping mode

Press and hold to switch it on. The telescoping mode has five patterns, cycling back-and-forth through. The Bestvibe Adams masturbator has a sucking mode too. Again there are five of these cycling back-and-forth through the patterns. The vibration button controls ten of these modes which, again, you can cycle back-and-forth through

A simple twist and the parts detach.

Once separated the silicone pussy and the sleeve are all washed under running water with the soap.

Cleaning and storage says use shower gel or soap soap for cleaning (I personally use anti bac soap for all my toys and anti-bacterial wipes for the solid body parts). [You can also use a specific toy cleaner. Barefoot] Do take care to avoid the charging magnets.

Once it’s clean place it in a cool place to dry before reassembly. The instructions show how to ensure that it’s all lined up and the cups match up properly when assembling.

The use of a good water based body lubricant is highly recommended.

The instructions say V 4-D C power can be charged with a computer or phone charger with a USB port.

Bestvibe adams masturbator power buttons


Words as written on the website.

  • Fleshlight \vagina 3 in-1 male masturbator with 10 vibrating, 5 thrustings, and 5 suction
  • Intense suction in the entrance provides more sense of wrapping
  • High-speed thrusting stimulating glans for a faster orgasm
  • Transparent inner with a visible window provides the double stimulation of the visual & mental
  • IPX7 immersion waterproofing is easy to clean and use anywhere


The charging cable is a USB magnetic type. I put this on charge while I went about getting things ready for the session I had planned for the weekend

Once it was fully charged I had a chance to become familiar with the different functions.

Learning to use the Bestvibe Adams Masturbator.

As usual I played around with the buttons becoming familiar with the button combination to increase the pressure and intensity of the sensations. Equally important was how to to stop it completely. As you know I love to play with tease and denial and intense edging on My Play things.

Not having a penis to tease, I inserted my fingers to feel the intensity of the vibration and the suction. I was quite impressed by the suction but more on that later.

My opportunity would arise in a couple of days when the boy was down for a visit.

In session with my new toy and my boy.

My boy doesn’t masturbate when I am not there. He isn’t caged, it’s an honour-bound chastity.

As a result he is always hard the moment I touch or tie a rope on him. That’s what makes it so much fun to slowly tease him, taking him on a long journey before reaching that goal of a climax.

Once again my ever helpful assistant was spread eagle on the bed. Cuffs and chains holding his body ready for me after some slow and gentle touching and teasing.

I added some lube to the transparent TPE vagina-shaped entrance of the masturbator and slowly inserted his hard cock…

Like the last toy even with slippery, lubed-up hands I could hold it. It does have some weight, but manageable with one hand.

To begin the session with the masturbator I used it manually, as a simple masturbator. Slowly moving the actual device up and down, ensuring that the cock was seated completely into the device. I began with some low-level vibration gradually ramping up the intensity until he felt too good and told me he was close to coming. So straight onto the power button and stop all stimulation.

Then on again, and this time I added some vacuum/suction. On a low level it did make a sucking fart noise which made us laugh. Laughter soon turned to moans from the boy as I pressed the power up to increase the intensity.

The suction button is a simple press to activate and each press takes it up a step through four slightly more powerful suctions.

The suction and the vibration worked amazingly for my play.

He was very close again so I switched it off, and tried to pull the device off his cock. The vacuum was really strong, I had to slip a finger between the sleeve and his cock to let some air in, breaking the seal.

I checked in with the boy and gave him a few moments to ease back the boiling need in his balls.

The bestvibe Adams masturbator has a window on the side for viewing the inserted penis.

Then reinserted his cock, started the slow vibration and low level vacuum again. Then added the telescoping up and down action. This toy has a clear window so you can see the cock being stroked. Now for the boy this movement didn’t work. It took him right off the boil. So I went back to the ones that did work. Slowly ramping up and down in the intensities till he was going mindless with the need to come. I gave him the permission he needed to come for me, but warned him I would continue the sensations.

It made the orgasm I allowed him to be intense and over stimulating as is the way we play.

Cleaning up the Adams Masturbator from Bestvibe.

It was easy to clean up, twist in the direction of the word open  and take the pussy entrance section out, then the inner sleeve has a small bullet vibe in it, I gently removed this and gave the top inner slave a good wash, the sleeve turned inside out and washed with warm water and anti-bac soap and then  is allowed to dry.  The outer casing was wiped over inside and out with anti bac wipes and all the items were left to dry on a towel in a warm room overnight before being re assembled per the instructions .

The only tricky bit for me was getting the top sleeve and the bullet vibe back in place, but it is easy now I know the placements.

Overall thoughts…

I love this new masturbator. I feel it will also work well mounted in some way. I’d like to watch it act like a milker. .

Again it’s a little heavy to hold for a while and I feel anyone with a disability or weakness in the hands and arms will struggle to hold it for the whole session.

My suggestion to Bestvibe is to manufacture some sort of cradle and attachment to make these hands free, not just for the Adams masturbator but one that works across the range. I am sure it would be a huge selling point and help.

Each one I have been sent has been better than the last. Now all I need is this one, or similar, to come with Bluetooth capabilities and I will be in heaven. Though I suspect the boy will be in hell, but the part of hell he really enjoys…

Thank you N and Bestvibe for letting me use this toy in exchange for an honest and fair review.

I have asked CC how long the four charge lasted. While he hasn’t drained the battery, she has tortured the boy for over an hour at a time.

Well, this review certainly made me say Mmmmmm, and has me curious about how I could make an incredible playdate even better.

Do you fancy recreating CC and the boy’s scene? Or crafting your own fantasy? Check out Adams Masturbator at Bestvibe where it’s currently on sale for $52.50.

Have you enjoyed CC, the boy and their Femdomme tale, whether around the Bestvibe Adams masturbator or not?If so, do check them out on Twitter, find them on Onlyfans and fill your folders with their ethically produced, authentic porn over at Clips4Sale.


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