Let The Orgasms flow: A Tracy’s Dog Review

OG Flow resting on a towel.
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Oh God, where on earth do I start with this one. The OG Flow was sent to me by the team at Tracy’s Dog, along with the OG Pro 2. Although I’d saved the Flow for second as the website reviews were even more incredible than the Pro 2, I was suddenly intimidated. With reviewers stating they reached higher heights, soaked through more towels and achieved more powerful orgasms, I wasn’t sure if this “save the best to last” toy would make the orgasms flow. Or if I would fail and let the Tracy’s Dog team down. How could they top the OG Pro 2 and live up to the reviews? I was sure to be disappointed. Right? Well, I have been known to be wrong, so like the intrepid explorer I am I ploughed on with the task in hand.

What were my first impressions of the OG Flow?

The presentation of the OG Flow in it's packaging feels luxurious.

I found the sleek and sexy box inside the discrete outer packaging. After running my fingers across the faint textures I gripped the front and lifted, feeling the magnet release . The presentation of the OG Flow smacks of quality. I love the way the toy is laid out inside, there is a bag, stickers and a neatly coiled charging cable, all set in a moulded plastic. As a gift this would work for me. Opening the parcel felt like a real treat!

The magnetic charging points are cleverly used as the power buttons. The USB charging cable is toy specific, not one I would want to lose, and frequently struggle to find. I’d like to be able there to be an option to buy a replacement cable, but until then I’ve taken to storing in the toy bag.

Charging port and cable.

It takes two hours to charge, the battery being full when the orange light behind the G stays steady. This gives sixty minutes of play time, according to the instruction manual.

Two hours pass quickly, but still gave me plenty of time to ponder the product.

Showing the product shaft in a range of positions.

The shaft is segmented inside and is easily shape able. I found myself wondering if the internal structure would remain firm or flow when faced with intense orgasms. The shaft is smooth, relatively slim to insert and made of firm yet yielding, silky-smooth silicon. The silicon around the clitoral stimulation head has the same feel under the fingers.

Using a water based lube, I slicked the clit stim along with the shaft which I shaped to, hopefully, hit my G-Spot. I stretched my outer labia back, exposing my clit, which was soon enveloped with the clitoral stimulator. The buttons are well placed and so it was simple to reach for the right button. The top one starts clit suction, the bottom starts the vibrator. Both the clitoral sucker and G-spot vibrator have five intensities, and you can scroll through easily. The vibrations rumble through the shaft, and when removed from wet zones the fluid maintains its position on the vibrator. Only when switched off does the liquid drop off of the toy, splodging over whatever absorbent, surface protector you’ve hopefully laid down in advance.

water clinging to the OG flow as the vibrations thrummed through the toy.
Screen grab from a video I took while fascinated with the power of the vibrations.

It may hold onto fluids through the vibrations, but it doesn’t hold onto the leftovers of lust when it’s time to clean up. The silky smooth silicone is easy to wipe off. But all you need is a wet wash with toy cleaner and a soft cloth to clean inside the clitoral suction nub. Allow it to dry fully before putting it away inside it’s velvet bag.

I’ve mentioned before (and shown) my voluptuous labia.

I’d been concerned the fat head section would prevent it being able to maintain suction on my clit. Not only did I have no such problem when holding back my labia, upon releasing them I discovered the head maintained their position for the most part. But rather than nestling between, thus bypassing my labia, the flesh that moved back into place suddenly became awash with gentle vibrations. Last year I was introduced to vulval massage by a friend. The OG Flow gently simulated that experience, making me smile.

With my clit jumping about in the suction cup, but stubbornly refusing to climax, I pressed the lower power button. The strong, rumbly vibrations carried down the shaft, penetrating my core. My well documented long-distance clit-to-vag gap came into force here. The internal arm doesn’t quite bend at the right place for my g-spot, instead angling off the wall hitting the rear wall of my vagina. I had the idea to feel the vibrations through my peritoneum, and giving me anal pleasure. Removing the toy from my sex, re-angling the arm and repositioning it I powered the OG Flow up again.

This is when my orgasms started to flow.

Unlike with the OG Pro 2, the intense orgasm that enveloped me didn’t chew me up and spit me out. It didn’t leave me a drooling mess in the corner of my sofa. That’s not to say I wasn’t satisfied. Oh no. More that I was hungry for more. And more I had, one orgasm flowing into the next, and the next.

Running the battery down before coming to my senses I inspected the shaft. Firstly it felt like it was in the same place, thwarting my internal muscles with their fierce assault. Once I was able to focus on it, I received visual confirmation that it had held firm in its form.

Was that a sixty minute wank fest?

I used all of the battery life in that first sitting. It surprised me to feel no ill effects in my hand. Having previously experienced a sore hand with the OG Pro 2, after a shorter play time, I let my mind wonder at the difference. The width of the clitoral head being much larger, you can relax your grip. The head pulsations spread out over a wider surface area so they have less impact on your hard working hand. As someone without hand issues, even I found the OG Flow more accessible.

Also my clit was not feeling battered and bruised as can happen after a long and intense session. Yes, it was sensitive, but not overly so.

Introducing the OG Flow to other toys.

I love to review products alongside other toys. I know this is a clitoral stimulation product with internal arm, and that doesn’t leave a lot of room. But it does leave some room. Using a butt plug with it, those vibrations felt sooo good against a solid structure in my ass.

And then there was the afternoon I was in a bit of a frenzy, hungry for all the orgasms, before attending an important meeting. (I find it helps the nerves!) Alternating between the OG Flow and a wand produced more pleasure than I knew what to do with. My cheeks were ablaze, and my body tried to extinguish the flames by flooding the bed as the OG Flow worked its magic. (The review was right, I should have put down two towels!)

If you like your internal stimulation to have texture or ridges, the OG Flow may not be the toy for you. The shaft is entirely smooth after all. But its smooth body, crafted in yielding silicone, with its delicious vibrations may convince you otherwise. As it did me. Caressing my plump folds, it has the slightest of drag, feels almost like kisses.

With a waterproof rating of IPX6 it is safe to take into the shower or bath. Greedy as I have become for more time with the OG Flow I couldn’t not try it out. Especially with the effect the Angel’s Wing had on me when I nearly passed out. Sadly I couldn’t find the right position. My lips are full and weighty, even the meaty clit stim head couldn’t battle with them, especially when I had both feet firmly on the floor. I don’t mind this, masturbating in the shower or bath isn’t really something I enjoy.

I’d love to see how one of my more exposed friends enjoys this in the shower.

In spite of my shower ‘problems’, I found that having my legs together when lying down doesn’t mean the toy doesn’t have any effect. It’s not intense enough to make me cum. While fantasising over a mouth and fingers enjoying me, I moved to reach for the light. The toy slipped out of position but I gripped with my thighs, and the vibrations lessened. The gentle joy that flooded my apex also spread to my nipples, trickled down my thighs. Could I climax like this? I don’t think so. But, as much as I love them, orgasms are just a part of sexual pleasure. And I adore the layers that the OG Flow offers.

Final thoughts on the OG Flow from Tracy’s Dog.

The OG Flow is undoubtedly a fabulous piece of kit. It has me craving alone time again, lending itself to a variety of erotic fantasies that I particularly enjoy. The shaft is not as bendy as some of the other dual stimulation toys of this type, meaning I can’t access both my clit and my g-spot. The trade off is that you gain stability with the shaft, with little effort. And the insertible vibrator works like magic on other areas, it isn’t exclusively for the g-spot. The intensity of the clitoral stimulation means I can achieve orgasm with the suction alone which is a first for me, without a little flappy nub inside.

My experience suggests it could also be an accessible sex toy for use by a person with arthritic hands and other problems potentially exacerbated by rumbly sensations passing through them. Also, using the vibrator as a handle, while using the clitoral head for stimulation, reduces the amount of reaching needed, so could be a winner for those with mobility issues that prevent reaching.

There is only one question left to ask. Would I part with my hard earned cash for one of these? I absolutely would do, though I was sceptical before I received it. The entire experience, from opening the parcel to the warm flow of orgasms that it produces, it all smacks of quality, decadence and pleasure.

If you fancy taking the OG Flow for a spin you can purchase it for $89.99 at Tracy’s Dog. Why not check out their other best selling sex toys while you’re there. Use the code Barefoot10% to receive a 10% discount on all purchases.

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