Three in one rose toy with tongue shown in red.

Three In One Rose Toy Review

Three in one rose toy with tongue shown in red.
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Awaiting delivery and collection of sofas has led to me being stuck at home for the most part of today. As I’m sure you can imagine this was met with some frustration on my part, I like to be able to hit reset first thing with fresh air and some sky. Especially if I want the creative juices to flow. So, with a quiet, stationary morning ahead of me I decided to exercise some different muscles. Last minute courier confirmations have their uses, right? It is time to complete my testing of the Three In One Rose Toy with a tongue, sent to me from Babejuicy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Three in one Rose toy with a tongue? That sounds complicated!

It sounds a lot more complex that it actually is. The website showed me a clitoral stimulator with a thrusting vibrator connected via a long piece of silicon. The clitoral stimulation and the thrusting can be used separately, or together. Making up the three uses. The flower head was wide and looked like it would fit snuggly in my hand. I’ve never much fancied a rose toy before, but that was when I only knew about the air wave technology in the head.

This toy caught my attention as it has a long tongue poking out of the middle, where the suction part would otherwise be. My initial thoughts were that this toy would provide the right level of stimulation crossed with confusion for my vagina and clit, I guessed the thrusts would be gentle, and the tongue would be flappy. Much like the Honey Ducky 2 had, though this one extended far out of the ‘mouth’.

When it arrived, what a surprise I got!

Amazon package containing my rose toy.

Previous Babejuicy deliveries have been in the usual grey postal bag, so I was very surprised to find an amazon package in my post box. However, if you are looking for discrete then amazon deliveries are a great way to fly under the radar. (I know my smalls ask more questions about grey postal bag parcels than these little cardboard envelopes.)

Rose toy unboxed and on display.

Retrieving the contents and removing the film cover of the smart, black box, I was able to take a proper look at the rose and its tongue. Eeek, shock horror, the tongue was not soft and flappy like I had thought. It was more like a rigid finger and I couldn’t work out how it was going to feel nice. My clit likes a jack hammer and firm pressure, but can sometimes spit its dummy out over new sensations!

No matter, I had an hour and a half to mull things over.

Why an hour and a half? Because that’s how long it takes to fully charge the three in one rose toy, according to the instructions. Once the magnetic charging cable is attached the light will start flashing lazily, and once this stops you will have a fully charged battery which can provide forty to sixty minutes of use.

I initially tried to do this with similar cables which were already strewn around my USB port, but the magnets weren’t happy and so, it seems, I need to use the one supplied with the toy. And THAT means I need to keep this charging cable in the supplied toy bag so it will be easily found in case of emergency!

Three in one rose toy charging magnets, and power light

Now it’s charged, what am I going to do with the three in one rose toy?

With a 22cm silicon cable running between head and… tail(?) I knew that I could easily use both together, given it is just 3cm shorter than the Sohimi Alfa which was a generous fit, even for my longer than expected clitoris to vagina gap. The buttons are on the base of the Rose, on the opposite side to the charging port. The ne closer to the petals controls the tongue, the one beneath controls the thruster. And each button has the same function, which keeps it simple for this consistently confuddled woman. There are three increasing, steady speeds, followed by six patterns and the tenth press turns it off. As I said earlier, each button controls its own end, and you can use them separately or together.

One- the thrusting dildo.

I decided to start with the safety of using the internal, thrusting dildo. It’s a good size and shape for nestling deep inside the vagina or just nestled between the vulva, half-in, half-out. Extending to a length of 11cm, the shaft is a safe and comfortable length for me, it stimulates the internal muscles with the ribbed centre, and the tip nudges against my cervix. My vaginal orgasms are mostly as a result of stretching, or blended with other pleasure play, so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t reach climax. However, I did love the way that it made me feel.

Two- the tongue.

Deciding it was time to be brave I removed the thrusting dildo and prepared for the onslaught of the tongue. My plan was to let it work side to side, across my clit. think this would have felt incredible were the tongue flappy, but this wasn’t and instead didn’t quite do itself justice. Turning the Rose in my hand I allowed the tongue to lick up and down my clitoral hood. While the tongue is firm, the silicon is soft, so there is no grazing or bashing. Add a smear of water-based lubricant and it smooths it out even further.

Gaining confidence I pressed harder against my clit. At full pressure the motor stopped working, which I realise now was a relief. It still moved at half pressure, though my clit was being thudded up and down. This wasn’t ideal, and would definitely not lead to release. Or pleasure in any form really.

The tongue looking like a finger tip.

I did realise that the tongue looks more like a finger, and switched it out for my own dirty digit. As the image above shows, they are almost exactly the same size and shape. However, where fingers tire, get bored or otherwise lose interest, the Rose tongue maintains pressure and pace, allowing for a slow and steady build. I found the middle intensity was the most stimulating, but the sensations were just not quite there for me.

Could I make the Rose toy work for me with the three in one functions going?

The clitoral stimulation, combined with the thrusting dildo, does deliver an incredible orgasm. With the thrusting toy nestled in the entrance to my vagina, my insides were being wiggled and jiggled. I can’t say it was G-spot stimulation, more like a teasing-but-preoccupied finger (or two) rummaging around inside. The finger-tongue gently flicked up and down my engorged clitoris, the hood peeling back as the stimulation increased.

It took me by surprise as I’m very much in the deep, rumbly, wide spread vibrations camp. But I’m also a greedy girlie, and when I have the chance to enjoy orgasms I like to drag as many out of myself as possible. I’ve only found one toy so far that renders me useless after one. In this case I find the tongue strokes away, and combined with the thrusting sensation builds to a crescendo, the orgasm bubbled out of me in gasps of delight. Now I was painfully aroused, my body demanding more-more-more! But the tongue was no longer hitting the right spots. Switching off the tongue and reaching for my wand, I discovered that my clitoris was not working. I was over-stimulated and needy, but my nerves had wandered off down a wrong track, now unable to find their way back to orgasm town!

Since then I’ve returned to it frequently, trying it in different ways.

  • The petals are soft and feel beautiful, massaging plump labia while the tongue laps at my opening.
  • The firm presses of the tongue make electric shocks flood through my body as they work my painful-pre-period breasts.
  • The thrusting dildo makes light work of ass-gasms when paired with clitoral stimulation. These are only slightly hindered by the removal of that licking motion.
  • Just as I’m typing, I wonder how things would feel introducing an electro plug to work simultaneously… I’ll give it a test over the next week and let you know!

What about keeping it clean?

The Rose toy has a waterproof rating of IPX6. This means it’s gush and shower proof but not suitable for submerging in the bath. This also means you can’t soak it in a sink of warm soapy water. However, you can wash under running water. Mind you, a soft cloth, some anti-bac soap, and a little war water is all you need. As with all things, if you can wash it straight away then you’ll find it much easier to get the residues of lust and lube off. But if, as sometimes happens, you want to stay cosy in bed after a restful orgasm then you’ll need to take a little more time. Those sensation increasing ridges and petals make for excellent hidey holes.

Once you’ve finished cleaning it, make sure it’s dry and slide into the bag it came with.

Final thoughts on the three in one Rose toy with a tongue.

If ever there was a time I have overthought a toy before testing, this was it. Considering the first orgasm was on the first charge, and that I spent half a day worrying, something was definitely out of balance. I clearly spent far more time concerned that it wouldn’t feel nice than I did working on my climax. (This is getting to be a bit of a habit, good job I like to face my fears/icks.)

The tongue was my concern, and actually it was not in the least bit scary. Very much governed by your own hand, the licking action of the tongue provides a steady source of stimulation and pressure. The motor doesn’t force it over your most sensitive spots if there is too much force on it, and the silicon is soft enough not to catch or pull intimate flesh.

My preferred way to reach orgasm solo – especially repeatedly – is with deep, penetrating rumbles. This is a very different way of receiving pleasure, and so the change in pace may take a little getting used to. I have found, through repeated experiments, that I am unable to achieve multiple orgasms with the three in one rose toy. Even when substituting in an old faithful. Saying that, I’m certain not all people with a clitoris share this needy hunger. The orgasms this toy creates are built on high quality, explosive tingles. Waves of pleasure that crash up and away from my clit before tumbling back to their origin.

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  1. I’ve wondered about this toy for a while. Not entirely believing all the hype.
    Now that someone I know and trust has reviewed it I may give it a shot..

  2. Oh, I’ve wondered about these, having tried other rose toys. The finger tongue thingy was my turnoff, but now I’m wondering if I should give it a go. You know, for science 🙂

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