Five Years And Counting

Five years and counting header image shows a sketch edit of a lady tied in a bath.
Original photo: StuTographer. Edit: Stubs Luvs

This is not the post I had planned for today. In fact, I had one that was almost ready for me to hit publish. But before I could do the final jobs I got busy with my children and hit pause. I noticed a notification, WordPress had something to tell me… Opening the app I saw the celebratory achievement of my five years anniversary on A Leap of Faith.

Five years? How can that possibly be?

From the outset, this space was a task. Sir asked me to tell the tale of how I became the woman I am today. I was excited to tell him my story, maybe someone else would read a post or two and find inspiration for a better life too. But as I continued I found a wider world than I could ever have imagined, perhaps this is a surprise that greets all aspiring (or tasked) blogger?

I didn’t start sharing to Sinful Sunday until three months later. Sharing the strong, confident woman I was beginning to realise I becoming. I started working with photographers, built a portfolio of sorts and have even been published. Sometimes pictures I share to the blog are selfies, many times taken by friends in our play times, and others by the togs.

One of these camera whizzes is Stutographer.

He and I met on Twitter, and arranged our first shoot for November 2021. Soooo many great shots, I think we make an excellent team. Milk Bath Goddess has the original of the header image. It was shared for Sinful Sunday, published just a week after our successful shoot. It is quite possibly my favourite photo of me ever, but imagine my surprise while looking at the statistics for 2021. The month old post had reached fourth place for the year. I was absolutely humbled by your appreciation of our artistic shot.

About a year later I saw a tweet from Stubs Luvs asking for pictures to edit for a thread he was creating. We connected and he made me some beautiful pictures.

Including the image at the top of the post. My Milk Bath edit.

When I saw the notification for my five years on WordPress I knew I had to pause the other post, use a picture that celebrates how far my task – this blog – has brought me in the interim. I was nervous of sharing pictures of me at the beginning. I hadn’t ever considered being in front of the camera as a model let alone sharing those images further than the security of Sir.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey so far, whether I know you in real life or virtually. Let’s see what the next five years brings!

Sinful Sunday


  1. Happy blogiversary! I can definitely relate. I started my blog 9 years ago to just share Scavenger Hunt photos. I didn’t want to write anything because I’m a terrible writer. Who knew 9 years would pass and I’m still sharing my opinions *laughs

  2. Amazing. Congratulations on 5 years. That is a brilliant achievement and it has been an absolute pleasure to follow your work here


  3. I absolutely LOVED that original photo. Just gorgeous !!!
    And your edit above gives it a lovely new perspective.
    Congratulations on your 5 years. I always enjoy your words … and photos !!!
    Xxx – K

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