Encased by DrLovelace

I encased my heart in stone so as to stop it from beating

Encased by DrLovelace
Encased by DrLovelace

I encased my feet in wax so as to stop them from running away.

Actually that’s not entirely true. My heart is not encased in stone. It beats on even when it feels like it is forever broken.

Love can hurt, but not loving hurts even more.

And it would take more than a little hot wax to stop me from running, or wriggling, or giggling….

And having my friend DrLovelace encase my feet in wax is just good old fashioned kinky fun time! I am such a lucky girl to have loving friends who brighten my world in such wonderful ways.

DrLovelace brightens my world!

I encased my heart is stone to stop it from beating was first published on A Leap of Faith.

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Sinful Sunday
Apologies for not following the prompt, but this was too pretty not to share.



    1. They are pretty aren’t they? This is what happens when a lover of sensation meets a creative mind.

    1. It was most intense over the tops of my toes. It made me giggle and wriggle there. We used jugs for the most part, so it pools and is therefore hotter than drips from a candle. But that isn’t a bad thing at all. I would highly recommend it. ?

    1. Hehe, I imagine I would get told out walking around in this heat, leavi g waxy footprints everywhere I go. Xxx

  1. Oh this is delicious to look at. I can imagine that this was amazing fun for all involved. I love wax play and I also love have my feet worshipped. Seeing your photos has inspired me to consider combining the two! This is why I love sinful Sunday you just never know what will come from joining in x

    1. I have a bit of a thing for feet… Not quite a fetish but… Drlovelace and I don’t have roles, we just enjoy sharing kinks, and when she offered to clean the wax off it was quite the pleasant experience. I’m. The least tickly person I know, but there were 4 points where removing the wax caused giggles ?

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