Me, sat on the steps of a war memorial, exposing my breasts, to remember the fallen and celebrate those who are gone but not forgotten.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Me, sat on the steps of a war memorial, exposing my breasts, to remember the fallen and celebrate those who are gone but not forgotten.

It feels like so long ago that Bliss and I found this war memorial in Devonport park in Plymouth. Well, SWL was there too so it wasn’t just myself and Bliss that found it. You may remember the Fountain? It was that day! And while I haven’t forgotten about about this image I have been otherwise occupied, filling my blogging weeks with other pictures and posts, we have been slowly moving towards Armistice Day.

Armistice is Latin for Stand (Still) Arms.

At 11am on the 11th November 1918 an agreement was made to cease fighting. To begin negotiations for peace. So Armistice Day is a time to celebrate the beginning of the end of the Great war, and to some time to remember those that lost their lives before the agreement. And a day to remember that, even in the darkest of times (such as a World War) change for good can, and does, happen.

I have been wanting to share a war memorial image for the Scavenger Hunt since I started sharing. However, when it’s popped into my mind the poppies are on display. Somehow it feels a little disrespectful. The poppies are for remembering those who have fallen in action, for the collective grief of those left behind. A time to come together in collective mourning for those who gave their lives in the name of duty.

Gone but not forgotten.

While I feel it might be disrespectful to those who have loved and lost a member of the forces, to expose myself around a memorial on Armistice Day, or Remembrance Sunday, I’ve enjoyed my share of forces folks. I’ve spoken to former lovers and friends, who’ve done extended tours and lost brothers in arms. They seem unanimous in their love of shared mischief. Fallen friends are not forgotten; how can they playfully remember them? Celebrating with boobs is a fitting memorial.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Boob Day

While I’m by no means an expert I can honestly say that war is something that I find deeply unsettling. From the high-profile Russia-Ukraine conflict to less documented civil unrest and drug wars across the globe the annual death toll is hard to comprehend. It’s important for myself that those who’ve fallen are not forgotten. This keeps me mindful of the fragility of the human species and makes me strive to do better.

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  1. It’s so difficult isn’t it. A playful image around a memorial monument or grave could be seen as disrespectful but also, everyone enjoys a little bit of light hearted fun too.

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