My first photo shoot header image shows naked lady standing in a flooded tunnel wearing a latex hood. She is reaching up to the concrete roof, and image is reflected in the flood water.

My First Photo Shoot

My first photo shoot header image shows naked lady standing in a flooded tunnel wearing a latex hood. She is reaching up to the concrete roof, and image is reflected in the flood water.
Photographer: Uncredited at their request.
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I’ve been merrily taking you on a trip down memory lane with me, sharing my slutty escapades and pain creations. But in among all of my wonderful tasks I’d also been taking steps of my own, to stretch the exhibitionist Sir had awoken and (hopefully) please him in the process. Today I want to share my first photo shoot with you, and revisit some of the images I’ve shared between then (May 2018) and now.

I’d been approached on fabswingers by a photographer.

He was looking for open minded people to explore model photography with. My curiosity spiked but I wasn’t brave enough to jump straight in. We met for a coffee so I could see he was not some kind of predatory photographer- the kind that I’d read uncomfortable tales of on fetlife.

As soon as we got chatting, his unassuming nature and the direction our conversation went put me at ease. He was a married man, who explored non-sexual submission outside of that relationship. He had no designs on me, other than to take some pictures.

We planned for a couple of weeks time and made a plan.

We would walk beside a river and follow the steam train tracks. I would take some props and we’d see what the weather and footfall had in store for us.

And so one May morning I met him in town and we headed off in his car. It was a 15 minute drive to a lush green paradise, bright blue skies and a calm, sparkling river. Being pre-tourist season and during the working week we didn’t even have many footpath friends to worry about.

My wardrobe consisted of a black dress that shrouded my body.

At his suggestion I’d gone for something easy to whip off and throw on at a moment’s notice. With the coast clear it didn’t take long until I was knee deep in the enciting yet icy waters. A few shots in and a couple appeared on a beach on the opposite bank. There was no way they’d see details but out of respect I asked him to pass my dress and we continued our wander up the river.

He knew the area very well, and we found some great spots. This being my first official photo shoot, with an actual photographer, I was surprised at how quick I was to get naked. How comfortable I was in my own skin. To this day I find it much harder to do fashion shoots, but even then the ease I discovered being naked.

My creativity explodes with the promise of nakedness

I had clover clamps which paired beautifully with some fishing weights that a friend had painted and brought as a gift the previous spring. (I realise now I haven’t introduced him, though I know he reads. Sorry NiceGuy!) Having heard the train whoosh along the tracks we decided to check if the coast was clear. Standing behind a bush I attached the clamps before stepping out onto the now safe tracks. Pulling the flimsy dress over my head, I tossed it to him and waited for the pendulous weights to stop pulling my labia. He captured an amazing shot before we both collapsed into fits of laughter.

Between our initial meeting over coffee, my interest in latex had been progressed.

I will need to return to this, but suffice to say that I found myself in possession of a gorgeous latex hood. This featured in a number of our images, but also raised the question. If someone were to wander upon us when I was naked except for the hood, what order should I correct things in? Remove the latex hood first, or put the dress back on? We decided that nakedness for art was less likely to offend than a latex hood. The hood being a kink and naked flesh being perfectly natural and, in this neck of the woods, legal!

We had the plan for worst case scenario…

I would remove the hood and then add the dress. As is usually the case, once we had a plan in place we didn’t need to use it. But, it is part of my ethical exhibitionism. Even before embarking on my first photo shoot, being “careful not to be seen” was how I was taught to bare my flesh in public for Sir.

A few sets in the woods, and a game of peek-a-boo later, the latex hood was put to good use in a flooded tunnel. You might recognise the photo at the top from a previous post where I put a negative spin on things. Then we took a stroll back along the riverbank, enjoying decent conversation as we walked back to the car. But do you remember the couple across the river from us in the first set? Well, I needn’t have worried about my nakedness…

They were splashing about in the shallows… naked as the day they were born!

So that was a whistle stop tour of my first photo shoot. The header image is the last new image from this trip into the wilds, but it wasn’t my last time out with him. There were pictures which he shared with me that made me feel uncomfortable to start with. But then I learnt to actually see myself, to look and see what everyone else sees. And sharing them here has helped me grow.

Wicked Wednesday

I can’t leave you guessing as to whether this was the last shoot I’ve taken part in. Unless you’re brand new to the blog, you’ll know I’ve met some amazing photographers since this first photo shoot. If you’d like to work with me then please do get in touch via my contact form.


    1. When I started the blog this kind of thing was not even on the cards. It was all about the words. And any pictures I had were just a bonus. My picture tasks coupled with opening my eyes to working in this way (at this point I couldn’t call it modelling) gave me new ways to create content. I love sharing the images, but even more that my kinky friends enjoy the ride too. The blog is becoming a photo album of sorts! N xx

  1. I’m loving your posts and all the vicarious living I’ve been doing 🙂 this sounds like such a fun day!

    If I ever get the chance to head back to the UK (or you to Canada!), I’d love to get you in front of my lens:)

    1. It was, like all of my favourite shoots, punctuated by laughter. A great start to an exciting new direction.

      That sounds so much fun! Small wants to go to Canada, and big is working on a list of international marathons. Perhaps a journey across the oceans is not such a distant dream? 🙂

    1. I’ll always remember this one, they say you never forget your first 😉 in all seriousness this one was pretty special, and not the last time I worked with him. And as you know there are lots of other shoots I’ve been enjoying. But… more on that is to come.

  2. I think what I appreciate most about this is “ethical exhibitionism.”

    While the prospect of being caught naked by unsuspecting passers-by can bring an aspect of titillation to an adventure, it’s also really important to be aware of consent on the part of those passers-by.

    1. The fear of it is, as you say, exhilarating. But the reality is not somewhere I want to go. I’ve had close calls over the years but have a lovely big blanket that gets thrown over me at those scary moments now! I don’t wish to inflict that on people, retroactive consent is not my thing at all. (This has been suggested by friends who enjoy my exhibitionism but get carried away in the excitement of it all)

  3. I love reading about the excitement behind the shoots! Curious that you found the hood to be the first priority to the dress, I would cover up and just look weird, been there done that!

    1. My thoughts were that the hood is a kink and so a trickier situation to explain away than art nude photography. Though being a woman it’s probably more acceptable to be naked in public? Now though, I ALWAYS have a big blanket to cover up everything!

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