Life Lessons- The Covid Edition!

This weeks prompt for Wicked Wednesday is Life Lessons. Quite frankly this is right up my street for topics to write, though perhaps I lack on the wicked side! Saying that, over the last eighteen months I have been slowly building my Life Lessons archive. These posts feature lingerie, a quote and some random thoughts. Actually, they aren’t that random… They are tied to memories that I want to hold onto, or hopes I don’t want to lose.

Life lessons- the covid edition header image shows a naked lady from thigh to waste, holding a wooden paddle against her outer thigh.
Photographer: Purple Gecko

But this post, I wanted to go somewhere different.

Somewhere a little more in depth.

But you’ll need to bear with me. Clear thought and sentence structure is proving elusive at the moment. Short, picture posts have been about my limit recently, though I don’t recall typing some of them. This one I’m just going to let my fingers tap away and hope for something that makes sense…

The last few weeks have shown me I’m not invincible.

The three of us all tested positive for Covid. As my oldest pointed out we are a statistically accurate household. One in three was asymptomatic- fortunately this was my oldest- asthmatic and autistic, his catching the virus has been my biggest fear. The small one bounced back, as the research says they will. But mummy took one for the team.

I lost five days, gone, vanished. Poof!!

Looking back through my emails and messages I had a jolly old time. My picture gallery tells a different story. Unlike my usual pictures- of products for review, tasks for Sir and Boobs for the blog, there are many pictures of mummy having a surprise nap. The smallest thought that was hilarious, and in my current state of not being right I can see the ridiculousness of it. Though it doesn’t fully reflect the seriousness of the situation. My eldest pointed out that “it would be inconvenient if [I] died”. Fortunately, I wasn’t that sick. I’m strong as an ox, and fit as a fiddle. I’m also fully vaccinated, having had my booster on the first day I was contagious.

This is utterly irrelevant at this point, but woo hoo for boosters!

None of this helps a young teenager who is watching his mum go through various stages of fever. By the time Wednesday came, my day eight of Covid, I had a little colour in my cheeks. The greyness was ebbing away. Small was utterly unphased but not-so-small was visibly relieved. As were the people I’d somehow managed to maintain contact with. I did mention the amazing people in my world, didn’t I? How their kindness takes the form of actions rather than words. One of the positives of being positive was having the ability to look after the “plague ridden cough child” of one kind neighbour (their description) while the rest of the family went for PCR tests.

There is always a silver lining, right?!

I told you at the start that I was just going to type and see where my fingers took me. This is not the post I had in mind. I have spotted quite a lot of memes on facebook over the last couple of weeks. On leaders and leadership. I’ve often been put in mind of Sir when these have come up and wanted to share some of the things he does for me, my life lessons through submission to a man who is a truly wonderful leader.

However, my fingers want to tap out some life lessons in the time of covid.

I’m now in my third week since testing positive and the virus isn’t done with me yet.

The woman who runs ultra marathons has been reduced to crawling up the stairs with lungs which steadfastly refuse to participate. I’m experiencing quite significant spikes in temperature and chest/lung/muscular pains and feeling pretty horrendous for the most part. And as someone who values my clarity of thought, to be wading through brain fog as thick as pea soup day-in, day-out makes for pretty uncomfortable viewing. The joyful lady who spends much of her day outside (or itching to get there) has discovered that the sofa or bed are the only places she wants to be. Under a blanket. However, another silver lining is that as a poor sleeper, I think my body must be loving all these catch up hours! And that drip feed of depression, which has caused a constant chatter in my mind for the last…. goodness knows how many years… has been absent.

Aside from the tinnitus that accompanies my recovery, there is absolute quiet. Bliss!

I suspect (hope) that now the boys have retuned to school my healing will quicken, peace and quiet are what every poorly bunny needs after all. And as long as I take all the medicine, drink all the drinks and sleep all the hours I have the energy to be mum too.

What was the point of this post? How on earth does it relate to the Wicked Wednesday prompt of life lessons? Well, I’ve been pretty unwell, rendered unable to do anything. Certainly not consciously. My brain took over, put me on autopilot where I needed to. I’ve had times where I’ve done things and had no idea (like putting chicken nuggets in the oven and serving them up) and times where I’ve been comatose on the sofa but aware of everything happening around me. I know, I’m not the only one. So, so many of us have been rendered helpless by this strange, uncompromising virus. But the tides are turning, thanks to speedy testing, greater understanding and a comprehensive vaccination programme.

There is some research on breakthrough infections.

There is a growing understanding that genetics play a part in how severely a person can be affected. This makes sense to me, my Aunty was infected a few days after her second vaccination and ended up in intensive care- not on a ventilator fortunately. The virus was restricted by her one embedded dose. My two doses kept me safe enough to stay at home with my children, not risking anyone else coming into contact with the virus. (I had made a plan, just in case, but fortunately this wasn’t needed.) Patients requiring intensive care seem to fall into two categories- the immunocompromised and the unvaccinated.

I know that there are a number of people in the public eye, influencers and the like, who are anti-vaxxers, and mask sceptics. While I’m not here to shame anyone for listening to holding these views, for making certain decisions, perhaps I might encourage some to change their mind? I can wave my covid positive flag high- briefly, before I have another nap- and encourage others to take the precautions that are being offered. They help, truly. I don’t even want to imagine the outcome had I not taken the time out to have a few little injections.

Clearly there is no guarantee that I will be symptom free in a set time, given the four and twelve week warnings of my GP. I have everything crossed that I avoid long covid, but if that is part of my journey then I’ll deal with it. It is enough that this virus has pulled down my knickers and given me a thorough spanking! For now I’m taking the lessons life and submission have taught me over the last seven years and focussing on what I can do.

Firstly, Sir has been away for work.

He returned to a sick-but-recovering submissive. But, for the first time since I met him I said “I’m not well, so I won’t be asking for tasks.” I have had many occasions where he has had to remind me that my health comes before tasks. This time I his response confirmed I was doing the right thing.

Secondly, I am learning to rest.

Granted, for the most part I haven’t had an option but to power down. But I’ve been kind and gentle with myself rather than berating myself for not doing enough. Will it be easy, I don’t know. Maybe, but also maybe not! But I’ve crawled through worse and look where I got to.

Thirdly, I have had to amend plans, this does not mean I’m failing!

My first ultra of 2022, already postponed from this year due to lockdowns, has had to go on hold. The optimist in me says “Yeah, I’ll be back to full fitness by then” but the realist says “nahhhhh, even if you are able to breathe deeply into clear lungs perhaps you will need to rebuild strength, fitness and stamina? Not to mention thickening your soles up again after two weeks in fluffy socks!” So the kindest thing I can do for myself is to be patient with me.

Ahh, patience. One of the qualities Sir models so well. I can do this!

Do you know, I think there are a lot more lessons to come out of this time. But this post is not intended to be an attention seeking, woe is me, post. Apologies if that is how I’ve come across. Like I said at the start, my fingers have a story to tell today. The virus may have taken my energy- and some of my ability to function beyond the basics- but it hasn’t stolen my sense of humour. Or perhaps the dry wit that I’ve always enjoyed has just manifested as gallows humour?! I know this still isn’t done with me yet, but I’ve been fighting it without hostility and will continue to do so. And before you know it I will be back to normal and firing on all of my quirky cylinders!

I shared Life Lessons- The Covid Edition! for Wicked Wednesday. This meme has now disbanded, but if you want to see something wicked on A leap of faith, perhaps go and read this adventure where my gallows humour helped me out: Toy Bag Adventures Unfulfilled.


  1. I’m glad you are on the mend. I also have one (youngest!) Who puts fear into me with his endless amounts of existing complications. We have been fortunate here. But I homeschool, don’t work and have no inclination to join the public, so….
    Good lessons came from a seemingly awful things. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Lol

    1. Our smalls (or not so smalls) have a lot to answer for, putting their mums through the anxiety mill!

      It has definitely felt like ‘when’ rather than ‘if for some time. Our primary was like an island (3 cases across the whole school community until mid november) while all the others locally seemed to have closures regularly.

      I think homeschooling sounds scarier than covid! I’ll take three weeks of sleep over that any day.

  2. Geez, N. What a story. So sorry to see Covid hit you so hard. I had it too in April this year. First week was like the flu, second week I slept a lot and had to use an inhaler. I suffered from tiredness for about four months after that. And mine was ‘light’ compared to what I read here. I hope you heal soon, and that you don’t suffer from long Covid but if you do, I know you will get through that too! Take care, dear friend, and get better!
    ~ Marie xox

    1. Gosh Marie, I remember you being unwell but didn’t realise you had Covid! It must have been scary, having to use an inhaler? I’m glad you’re feeling back to your self.

      I think I’ve turned a corner over the weekend and am definitely on the mend. If I take all the pills, drink all the drink and rest when I need to things don’t feel too bad. And I have NEVER slept as well as I am currently 🙃 N xx

    1. The boys going back to school really helped my recovery. But I’m still not able to gloss over the fatigue. So I’m catching up on years of insomnia! Always a silver lining! Xx

  3. Living in a country that has been largely unaffected it is fascinating for me to read your candid story. Thank you for sharing! It has been extremely educational for me. In saying that I hope that you are well on the mend and back to your hardy self soon,

    1. Thank you so much for reading this post. It wasn’t one I thought I’d need to write but apparently I’m not invincible!

      I hope you manage to continue to live in relative safety. I 100% do not recommend this one! (But I’m very much on the mend, thank you. Not quite ready for nakedness outdoors but we’ll on the way 😉)

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