christmas gifting guide header shows two topless smiling women each with a breast decorated as a reindeer.

Christmas Gifting Made Easy 2021

christmas gifting guide header shows two topless smiling women each with a breast decorated as a reindeer.
Image: Rocket. Models: SWL and Me

At the start of November a friend approached me to ask about gifts he could buy another friend. Then a former playmate asked about lingerie for his partner. I also had some people ask what I want for gifts this year… As a result I’ve decided to put together a Christmas gifting guide. (Or what presents make me happy.) Quite out of character for me, I know, but I can’t be a grinch forever! I have used some affiliate links, where if you decided to make a purchase I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. But I’ve only shared companies that I love and whole heartedly recommend.

I want to start with a website that I absolutely adore.

Skorpion Rope. Set up by my rope hero, you’d be hard pushed to beat her passion for rope! Stocking a large selection of ropes for all of your bondage needs, alongside a variety of amazing tutorials to help you on your way to tying there is something for everyone. If you have a rope lover in your christmas gift list then perhaps you’d like to visit this site for inspiration? The SKorpion Hot Chilli Balm, for a bunny’s aching muscles or a sadists pleasure would make an ace stocking filler. Or the Dye Kits which Angel has worked so hard to create are brilliant fun for those rope sluts who love to get a bit crafty. Use code SKFestive10 for 10% off across the site until December 21st when they close for a well deserved Christmas holiday.

I do apologise for the spoiler if you’re new here, but… I love to celebrate boobs.

Mostly I just share my own, but occasionally another pair sneak on. (With full consent of their owner, as above.) I’ve not always had a great relationship with mine, but over the last few years things have changed considerably. As a result friends often discover boobs in their postboxes. Think novelty, body confidence mail rather than unsolicited tit-post. While browsing the Spark site I discovered their Boobs Jigsaw Puzzle and can think of a couple of my ladies who would enjoy this. Their gift selection isn’t all about the breasts though. Each and every item on offer has a unique message to empower the strong, independent and bloody minded woman in your world! Plus a percentage of each sale goes to support women in need through charities such as Bloody good period, AKT and others. Use code XMAS5 for 5% off orders over £50 until December 31st.

Another brand that I’ve recently discovered is Kind Clothing.

I love the ethos behind their products, and the fact they plant a tree for every sale is certainly an added bonus in my mind. I’m always on the hunt for my next perfect hoodie to curl up in after an intense scene. If you have a playmate that enjoys similar aftercare then perhaps you might consider the ethically produced and packaged Respect Your Mother hoodie? But don’t take my suggestion as gospel, go and check out their collection and see if you can make use of this voucher XMAS5 for 5% off orders over £50 until December 31st. As an added bonus, they put their profit where their mouth is and a tree is planted for each purchase made through their site!

I’m still relatively new to the world of sexy smalls.

While I believe there is nothing sexier than comfort, I do appreciate that beautiful lingerie makes a winning Christmas gift. Yes, even this tomboy loves a lacey twin set. The drool worthy choices over at Bear and lace would be a treat for anyone that enjoys skimpy underwear. The Audrey Bodysuit would be my personal choice, but do go and explore their wonderful world of wicked temptations…

Now then, on to my sex toy Christmas gifting ideas…

I have long been a fan of Godemiche.

My growing family of custom silicon toys have featured in the blog. Not only is the quality of toys amazing, the colourway options are almost limitless. If you want to gift a funky new piece of kit for someone special I can’t recommend taking a peak at Godemiches selection highly enough. My personal favourite would be the Absolem Bi-colour. It comes in three sizes, is strap-on compatible and the textured shaft feels amazing! But don’t feel you need to stop with an insertible. They also hand pour gags, grinder plates, plugs and strokers so whatever your gifting pleasure I’m sure you’ll find something you enjoy. And while you’re there, don’t forget your harness!

What happens if you want to buy a Christmas gift but you don’t know where to start?

Firstly, don’t panic. You’re not alone! Remember I told you in the introduction about friends asking for advice prompting this post. I am always happy to help where I can, and there are many friendly sex bloggers who may be happy for you to reach out to them too. But we may be limited in our preferences and experiences. Have no fear though, Betty’s Toy Box is on hand to offer support and advice with their Holiday Helper Personal Shopper Program. My experiences of discussing toy preference with Tracy tells me that you’ll be in excellent hands. The team are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. You can arrange a 20 minute ‘live chat’ appointment through the site and you may well be able to get your intimate Christmas Gifting sorted!

But what if you have the impossible person to buy for.

Perhaps they are a sex toy aficionado with a collection to rival that of your favourite sex shop? Or particular tastes that you don’t have experience of… yet? Or perhaps you are like me and know just how tricky you are to find a gift for? I’ve found the wishlist function at MAW Delights is superb. (If you’re wondering, here is my own list) The code ALOFMAW10 for 10% discount is valid across the site, for the festive season and beyond.

And then there are the long-distance lovers…

OK, so this is kind of my speciality, the long distance thing. Regular readers will know that Sir and I are not geographically local. While we have a great balance and certain freedoms, I appreciate not all people in this kind of relationship choose to look outside of their partnership. If there is one company that I would love to share with others in my situation, it is Kiiroo. Their range of exciting sex tech for couples gives the opportunity for interactive play from across the globe. Do you think I’ve been a really good girl this year? Perhaps Santa will bring us the KEON+ Feelstroker and Ohmibod Fuse set. In all honesty I’d be over the moon with any of toys for vulva owners. The couples sets in any MF/FF combination would be welcome too.

It wouldn’t feel right to have a guide to Christmas Gifting without…

…sharing the people who have fuelled my brain for most of this list. Girls Who Grind is my coffee company of choice for home brewed espresso. And I’m very particular about my medicine coffee. Have you got a coffee lover that you want to buy for? Try the Lil Tasty Sampler pack, it makes a sweet little package.

So far this has been a brief look at my inspiration for all the things you might want to give. But as it’s party season perhaps it’s wise to finish on the thing you may not wish to share? I’m passionate about practising safe sex, and so I’ll leave you with a link to one of my favourites in the Bondara condom range. Not only do they have a fantastic range of toys, they also cater to your safer sex needs.

That’s my whistle-stop tour of my own thoughts on Christmas gifting. I hope you found something a little bit different which will make your loved one smile. (Especially if you’re gifting to yourself!) As much as this is full of shops and potential purchases, this isn’t what the festivities are all about for me. Try to be kind to yourself in the process. Don’t forget that it’s not about what you spend, it’s the thought behind it. I’m a fan of giving and receiving home made, hand crafted items.

Right, I’m off to make some bath bombs for SWL. (But shhh, don’t tell her!)

Christmas Gifting Made Easy 2021 is my first attempt at a gift guide. I hope you’ve found something useful here. And if not please do make your suggestions below for things you’d like me, and others, to see!

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