Family Day Out

Collection of G-silicon sex toys for post Family day out

My Godemiche collection decided it was high time for a family day out. They did not want to be outdone by the master and his aerial antics. Together they blazed a trail in the crisp snowfall on Dartmoor.

Exploring was going to take all day. A long, cold adventure which the gag refused to participate in. Returning to the car after the first photo; the grumpy teen of the group if you like. Fortunately, enthusiasm is contagious, and the rest of the family day out went without a hitch. Firmer silicon makes for braver toys, it seems! Together we kept going until the sun dipped to the horizon and the cold winter moon was high.

Loki and I were like proud parents, as we got them to pose for the camera. There was also a feeling of being like naughty schoolchildren. Waiting for teacher to pop up over our shoulders and ask what exactly we thought we were doing.

Fortunately this scenario never happened, and we kept on with our mini mission, enjoying the scenery and introducing these toys to the wonders of snow.


 February Photofest

Loki and I get up to lots of weird and wonderful things. If you’d like to catch up on our fun so far then you may like to click on this link.


  1. What a lovely day out in the snow. Fab pics! I could imagine the dildos saying, on the journey out, “Are we there yet?” They’re always keen to reach their destination.

    I think in one of the rounds of the Smut Marathon we had to write a story through the eyes of a dildo. I must try and find it.

    1. Honestly, these toys were so happy to see the light of day. It made a change from their permanent lockdown.

      I’m so glad that I got to read your pestle story.

  2. Ohh this is just as fun and fabulous as the initial image and tweet suggested! Delighted to be shown how your outdoor adventure went – and what a funky family of sex toys (there’s always one less than eager participant, funny imagining the gag sat it out!)
    Keep up the wonderful creativity Barefoot & Loki.

    1. Thank you Posy! As long as there’s a Loki (and Sir and SWL along with many others) there will be fun posts! 🙂

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