Actions Over words- #BeKind header image shows a Black vest with words Be Kind being worn by a blonde lady, shown in a reflection.

Actions Over Words- #BeKind

Actions Over words- #BeKind header image shows a Black vest with words Be Kind being worn by a blonde lady, shown in a reflection.
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Be kind… it’s a saying that pops up time and time again on social media, often accompanied by a hashtag. While I agree with the sentiment I often find it a tricky thing to read, when so often the #bekind words don’t match the actions. Can I let you in on a secret? #BeKind is on my muted words list on twitter!

The Internet is awash with beautiful artwork around the quote:

“In a world where you can be anything be kind”

It is thought this quote finds it’s origins in a French poet, Ettiene De Grellet, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. While trying to track down the original source it’s become clear just how often this phrase is banded around. How many people are attributed as saying it first, or perhaps most memorably. One in particular stands out.

72 days before she took her own life Caroline Flack posted it on her Instagram.

While I have a mountain of words I wish to say on the subject, words are proving tricksy at the moment. So let me hand you over to David at Pen Hits Paper, whose post Be Kinder- Caroline Flack Follow Up says so much of what I’d love to. Plus, his blog is a great way to while away some hours, do go and have a nosey!

If these are my thoughts, why on earth am I sat sporting a be kind vest in the header image?

I believe there is power in the words.

So long as it’s actions not just words.

I have been lucky to discover my world is full of people who put their money where their hashtags might be. Currently I’m holed up with the smalls and entirely reliant on the kindness of others. People who don’t wear the words Be Kind like a badge of honour. It’s just part of their make-up. They’re living, breathing examples of wonderful people.

I really struggle to ask for help, I believe this is one reason my tasks often include asking others for support. But that’s for another time…. Because, historically, if I’ve needed help it’s often been the case I’ll find a way to fix it myself. But day six of pyjamas (I think?) and I’d be seriously stuffed without being vulnerable and accepting help.

I spotted the top I was wearing and had a sudden urge to get creative.

To say thank you to them and to make a promise, to reflect their kindness back to them as soon as I’m able. The ones who are reading this post, and the ones that never will.

Wicked Wednesday


Actions Over Words- #BeKind is my latest addition to Wicked Wednesday. For a more coherent clothing related WW read give Skirts And The Art Of Dominance a try.


  1. I am right there with you – those words are fine, as long as the actions reflect it too. The same with any other ‘kindness words’ people use. Sending you good thoughts and hugs, N!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I think social media has been both a curse and a blessing. People can’t wait to have their say, sometimes not giving a thought or care as to the affect the words will have.
    You can’t loose faith as there are good people out there, the ones who don’t just use words but who back them up with actions

    1. I totally agree. I have definitely got an arms-length relationship with social media and try not to take things too much to heart. But there are so many who live their lives by what Internet strangers say and that can be extremely damaging, especially if the words don’t match the actions.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts x

  3. Many people seem to need social media to feel “validated” I think that is often when problems arise.
    I think you are a good example to others in so many different ways – I say follow barefoot – in more ways than one!
    May x

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