Getting in trouble for TMI Tuesday image shows digital art creation in black and white with yellow swirls, of a woman sitting, naked and bound.

Getting In Trouble For TMI Tuesday

Getting in trouble for TMI Tuesday image shows digital art creation in black and white with yellow swirls, of a woman sitting, naked and bound.
Illustration by Dirty_eyes_

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions centre round different ways of getting into trouble. Browsing the questions I realised that I may have something to add to the conversation. So, without further ad, here are my answers for TMI Tuesday.

1. You went to dinner on a first date.

Your date took care of the bill. But when you get home you get a text from your date that is a Venmo request (money transfer app i.e., TransferWise, Paypal Worldremit Azimo) for half the cost of dinner. Do you;
a. Pay the Venmo amount in order to up your chances of a second date;
b. Only pay for what you actually consumed;
c. Pay nothing because the date supposedly picked up the tab and did not discuss halfsies when you were face-to-face;
d. Call the date and yell “WTF?!”

I’ve a friend who sits waiting for their meal to be paid for. I get how frustrating the entitlement of having dinner paid for is. This has concreted my need to offer to pay my share at ANY meal. Which includes the few occasions I’ve been on a date. If they didn’t take me up on the offer at the restaurant then I’d definitely call and ask if everything was OK? I definitely wouldn’t go for option 1. If they aren’t able to be honest at a meal when I offer to pay, they probably aren’t going to be able to communicate on the level I need for a healthy and safe D/s relationship. RED FLAG! Therefore I wouldn’t wish to go on a second date.

2. Does anyone owe you over twenty dollars? How many different people?

My son has a small debt of £15 (Google tells me this is $20.5) and is paying it back through housework. I think that’s a useful lesson in credit. If he learns how to prioritise finances as a teen maybe he can avoid getting in trouble with money when he grows up?

3. Are you one to sneak food into movie theatres?

I rarely visit the cinema, but until my boys started watching YouTube I was unaware that smuggling food into movie theatres was even a thing. I’ve always just taken my own supplies without worrying. No sneaking involved!

4. What do you want to brag about?

Early last week I received an email from It was their annual announcement regarding the top 100 sex blogs. I knew they weren’t ranking sites this year, but I hadn’t considered that, if I made the top 100, my site would be first in the list alphabetically! As if being the first blog that you arrive at in the list wasn’t enough I was so, so excited to see myself in the top list for readers’ choice.

This means that, not only have the team at kinkly decided my blog deserves a place in the top 100, my readers have taken the time to vote for me and my work. Which is no mean feat given how much scrolling they would need to do to reach my blog in 2020’s toplist. So, not only do I want to brag about that, I want to say thank you to everyone who not only reads my posts, but also took the time to vote for me. You’re all amazing!

5. What do you get in trouble for the most?

I like to think I’m good at not getting into trouble. But then I get caught out for stretching the rules. Not in my personal life, might I add. I mentioned on Sunday that Instagram had deleted my barefoot sub account for “Sexually suggestive” content. I can’t disgree with that, even though you have to wonder why me when the vast majority of profile I followed were as, if not more, explicit as mine. So, I’ve started a new account. This time I’m going to do everything I can to work within the rules. Come and find me, check out my new profile as I do my best to see how close to the wind I can sail, while sharing body positivity and rope based images. If you’re in any doubt, just look out for this posts header image

Bonus:  What is in your attic?

In my loft are Christmas decorations, camping gear and the summer duvets. Oh, and insulation!

When I got rid of P, a massive hoarder, my loft was absolutely choc-a-bloc with… junk! For some reason I held on to a lot of this for a number of moves, until I realised that if he hadn’t missed it through the years it was in our loft as a married couple, and he hadn’t wanted it after I’d moved him out then… shocker… he wasn’t going to be asking for it. Those trips to the dump were A-MA-ZING!!!

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  1. Smuggling food into a theater is small potatoes. We would smuggle whole people into the drive in theater in the trunk of my car long before YouTube poisoned the morals of the yutes of today.

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