Sexually suggestive image of a naked bottom in skorpion rope boots bondage.

Sexually Suggestive Content Alert!

Sexually suggestive image of a naked bottom in skorpion rope boots bondage.

Whoops, I’m in trouble again! This time with Instagram. They have removed my account for sexually suggestive content. It’s not something I can argue with, they have a point. I’ve had content from before the net tightened which was sexual- even if not explicit- and I’ve been flying under the radar with a locked account ever since.

Last time something like this happened was when WordPress removed my blog for being pornographic. I was utterly devastated. The technophobe in me just didn’t understand. I am so grateful for the help I received in getting back up and running, and the important lesson I learnt. That others think my happy memories are pornographic, talk about a confidence boost!

Recently I posted the above image.

Sharing my most recent attempt at SkorpionRope’s booty bondage, and when they reposted it on Instagram (with my permission) I suddenly had a lot of new follow requests which, I think, caused a blip in the algorithms and my account tripped over the red tape. Should I be grumpy about it?

The image above is- to me- far removed from sexually suggestive.

It’s part of a project I’m working on to celebrate body confidence- all will be revealed soon! I could be cross, upset, angry… Yet, I fully understand that my idea of sexually suggestive is probably quite different than a social media platform.

Why waste my energy on fighting a battle that I have no right winning?

That Instagram profile was always about sharing my rope journey, and my friends were happy for me to have their faces there because it was a safe, guarded space. But recently I’ve been pondering starting over. The prospect of removing memories made my head ache, but I wanted an open account. To use Instagram to promote the photographers I work with, and the products I’ve been enjoying. (OK, maybe not ALL of them!)

Thanks to Instagram’s ever tightening restrictions on self expression and my blatant disregard for the rules on sexually suggestive material I no longer have that dilemma. So, a fresh start awaits, I’ll keep you posted!

Sinful Sunday

If you’d like to support me in rebuilding my Instagram profile, without sexually suggestive content, then please consider buying me coffee so I can focus a little more time on that project.


  1. I will be curious to hear what you decide to do. I have received courtesy emails from WordPress in the past, letting me know that I needed to delete certain pictures that were considered pornographic. I did so, and then they stopped bothering me but I do understand there is a very real possibility that I might try to log in one day to find my blog gone. I’ve thought about moving to my own site, but I love the WordPress readers. It is so convenient to find all my favorite blogs there. Anyhow…the struggle is real for us kinky bloggers! XOXO

    1. You get emails? Mine was instant, no warning or anything. (In fairness it was a very graphic picture!) I’m self hosted, have been since summer 2018. I absolutely wouldn’t change it for the world. still features in the reader, and I benefit from many of the features (and scroll through the reader in the app as I always did) but my hosts have an adult content server so it’s safe to continue as is.

      Instagram is one of those *shrug* amd *fair game* moments.

      Give me a shout if you decide to take the leap, I may be a technophobe but I’m not altogether hopeless anymore. N Xx

  2. Beautiful rope work.
    Inspiring seems to be my catch word today.
    I want to pull my rope out tonight and do some simple ties. But Kitten will be getting off a 13 hour shift and rope will probably fall behind foot rubs, cuddles, and sleep.
    But beautiful image.

    1. I’ve got my new profile up and running, and am slowly building. But it’s so nerve wracking, knowing what happened last time without warning. Ts and Cs all the way! N xx

      1. I had a ‘naughty’ account on IG, but was so nervous all the time when I put something on there, that I eventually deleted it and reverted to a totally vanilla account for my everyday photography 🙂 xox

        1. I have a vanilla one (family and food, but mainly running) but the rope one came first. Fortunately I’m not too sentimental, and technologically hopeless so the pictures are double-y backed up! N xx

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