Tears escaping my eyes header shows blonde lady in pineapple sunglasses and bright blue lingerie leaning back while restrained in ankle to thigh cuffs.

Tears Escaping From My Eyes

Tears escaping my eyes header shows blonde lady in pineapple sunglasses and bright blue lingerie leaning back while restrained in ankle to thigh cuffs.

Today I woke up sad. Tears escaping from my eyes the moment my feet hit the floor. I know the reasons behind the low, it happens and I can trust that it will also pass.

Today I’ve spent time doing things that nourish my soul. Some things I’ve had to do, pressing tasks around the house, time sensitive emails and phone calls. Other things have been less “important” but they have helped fill my heart with positivity, even though my eyes kept leaking at inopportune moments.

Like I say, it happens, there’s really nothing to worry about.

It’s important to me that these feelings can complete the cycle, but I don’t have to spend time dwelling on the why (these reasons are completely out of my control.) Instead I took myself out for a walk, and accepted an invitation for lunch with Alice. He’d cooked a big old chicken casserole and wondered if I’d like to join him in demolishing it. “Just a small bowl” he said. Well, I devoured the delicious (giant) meal he put in front of me and five hours later I’m still satisfied.

Anyway, while there we were chatting about his kinky equipment collection, and mine. The vast majority of his cuffs slide right off of my wrists. And it got me to thinking about some wrist to thigh restraints (affiliate link) I was sent a little while back. I love them so much when worn the way they are intended, but remembered how tricky it is to put them on tight solo, and that I’d tested them out with Dr Lovelace recently- linking my thighs to ankles.

Well, hello! That was a fun afternoon, and if I remembered rightly we’d taken some pictures? I knew we’d created other images, but what about the silly set we’d laughed all the way through?

Next came a fresh batch of tears and some more housework.

But when I scrolled through our messages I found them. Yes, there they were… I mean, there’s nothing quite as sexy as pineapple shades with bright lingerie and black cuffs, is there? Ok, perhaps not sexy, but below my wet cheeks a smile emerged. And it got me to thinking about the new prompt from Quote Quest. (Welcome back!)

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.”

Dr Seuss

Those pictures were discounted almost immediately, in favour of some more sultry ones for the blog. But looking back at them, enjoying the memory of a happy afternoon, there is true value in that moment.

Right, I’m going to sign off for the day now, before the tears of sentimentality start escaping again and I soak my keyboard.


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  1. This was fun post. It does seem like we often view sexuality in serious way but it can be fun in humorous way too. Your featured photo is sexy, naughty, and damn right funny too! 😃

    1. Thank you for your kind words Michael.

      Just over seven years ago I met a man who reminded me that sex (and indeed life) is meant to be fun and enjoyable. If it isn’t, what is the point?

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