Dr Lovelace topless and bound in a TK, a bunny in the headlights

Bunny in the Headlights

Dr Lovelace topless and bound in a TK, a bunny in the headlights

With the theme for week one of February Photo Fest set as rope, it seemed the perfect opportunity to share one of my favourite rigger moments to date. The time I had a bunny in the headlights.

Dr Lovelace has featured on a leap of faith quite a lot. She and I are good friends who enjoy playing with kinks in the same way other friends enjoy playing cards. She is the reason I have a PurplePort profile, and where I gained confidence working with photographers. Our first shoot together, with DarkLion photography yielded some amazing images. However, we weren’t done yet! As we journeyed home we decided to pull over so I could throw some rope at her.

We’d been following the country lanes, looking for a pull in to wild tie in. Uncharacteristically impatient, we picked a lane with grass down the middle. Decision made; “surely this will be secluded enough for a quick tie”. Risk assessment complete we jumped out: I chose the rope while she removed her top. With pounding hearts, and mutual giggles escaping both of us, it wasn’t long before she was bound.

We didn’t wait long before removing the rope from my bunny in the headlights.

I dropped her a message to ask if I may share for this post. (She agreed!) It was just the reminder we needed that play will happen again. Covid restrictions will come to an end and- when they do- we shall be ready and waiting to get up to some high jinx together! We have been able to share some online play – body art style– but it has been too long since we saw each other in person.

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