Alice in his pretty pillow hands tie

Pretty Pillow Hands

Alice in his pretty pillow hands tieYesterday, for Barefoot’s bondage A-Z, I looked at overcoming obstacles to make bondage accessible to more. Today I want to share the surprisingly simple and very pretty pillow hands.

Do you remember Alice? He enjoys inescapabe bondage. Well, after he’d recovered from the hogtie I asked if I could try this one out. Having never tied pillow hands before, I didn’t think that he would completely immobilised. It was just a tie I wanted to try out and share here as a “look what you can do” post. I don’t believe that he considered total restriction either.

Well, we were both caught by surprise!

Now then, pillow hands can be really elaborately tied, but I like to keep things simple. In my earlier post about double column ties I mentioned how that is one of the basic building blocks of shibari. I know that the image looks fairly elaborate, but I just used a double column tie to secure each forearm to its bicep, and then wove the working ends around the chair to use them up.

While it was frustratingly joyful for Alice, he wriggled and struggled before giving up the game. This was a very happy accident for this cheeky rope slut who prefers function over form. Not only did I win a game I hadn’t intended to play, but the ropework itself looks pretty!

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Have you enjoyed pretty pillow hands? If you’d like to try out something similar check out Epic Rope’s YouTube Tutorial.


    1. Alice did so well! And we even bunny-hopped him round in his chair and tightened him to the ceiling. I think it was easier on his shoulders than having his arms outstretched over his head

    1. It really was. We also had fun hopping him around and hooking him up to a hard point. (I say we…🤭)

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