Give a girl the right shoes, work with me, and self promotion header featuring a reclining lady, naked but for shiny stiletto oxfords.

Self Promotion: Not My Strong Suit.

Give a girl the right shoes, work with me, and self promotion header featuring a reclining lady, naked but for shiny stiletto oxfords.
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This week, over at Wicked Wednesday, the prompt is promotion. Or, as Marie says “Specifically self-promotion”. This is something I am reluctant to do. So it was important to me to link up and push myself out of that comfort zone I really dislike being confined to. Having read other posts in the link up it’s reassuring to know I’m not alone in my discomfort, and it’s not just us Brits! The following quote sums it up well:

Self promotion is not my strong suit, for sure. I don’t look down on it, I just don’t know how to do it.

Katherine Waterston

So, if I don’t really know how to do self promotion then I’d best start learning what works for me!

And the best way to figure out something subjective is to try. So, here goes!

Has it really been a year since I started putting the thoughts of monetising my blog into practise? There was a lot of encouragement to put together a page showcasing what I offer. I am really grateful for the nudge (read: boot up the backside) from May which brought this about. After all, people won’t know that I’m open to working with them if I don’t make it clear. It’s been a really exciting phase too.

My initial attempts at self promotion prompting more than a few offers of work.

How cool! Not only have I worked with fellow bloggers, writing guest reviews, there have also been opportunities I could never have imagined. Following a couple of guest reviews in on other sites I decided to include these in my offering. And I’ve been enjoying having an excuse to try new things. Like being sent a sex doll to enjoy and review, and discovering that he actually makes a fairly decent rope bunny! This came in particularly handy during lockdown when rope play outside of my support bubble were impossible.

My blog is mainly an extension of my communication with Sir…

…but part of why I blog has always been to share a little of my world with others. I have had a variety of experiences, positive and not so much, and hope that I can inspire people who are just starting their journey of recovery to keep pushing forward. I’ve discovered that these lessons don’t just apply to my emotional growth but also my blogging life, and when something happened that threatened to end this I had a feeling that I could give something back to the people who have helped me grow. With the support of the blogable babes I was able to share this technophobes guide to blog security. It has been great to hear that there are steps that were new to more seasoned bloggers, which has been a boost to my confidence in more technical writing.

Each year I’ve watched from afar as others have participated in the Smut Marathon.

As I’d missed the start of the 2020 edition I decided that 2021 would be my year. But that wasn’t to be. Instead, I decided to enter the Blogable Fiction Marathon. I’ll be posting about my experiences within this competition at a later date (once I’ve been voted out) but so far I’ve made it to the round 5 voting. It terrifies me, entirely! But I’m persevering because I’m commited to the process, want to learn how to craft stories, and push myself out of that undesirable comfort zone I mentioned earlier.

I have plans to write a novel, and want to write more erotic short stories.

I’ve shared a few pieces of erotica here on my blog, and been part of a fiction relay, but I took a huge step towards my personal publishing goal when I submitted a story for an anthology. He Will Obey is my first published story that I receive royalties on. And the book stands proudly inside my kinky cabinet, locked away from young-but-curious eyes. If you like FemDomme stories then you’re in for a treat, and it’s available on kindle unlimited too!

Finally, I want to talk a little about my meme.

Mindful Moments is an extra online space that I built to become a library of silver linings. The plan was to launch on world mental health day 2020. Mental health is a topic close to my heart, and due to covid restrictions last year was the first time in many years that I was unable to support one of my chosen charities. It started life a s a subdomain, but when I switched hosts I decided to send the meme to its own separate space, partly due to a misunderstanding on my part, but also to see if I could do it!

It’s not just link ups for positivity though.

There is a list of resources available there, for finding support in crisis. Unfortunately (?) these are mostly from my own personal experience so undoubtedly the contents are a little skewed. My hope is that more people will share links with me so I can add them, and together we can build a tool to help the majority rather than the minority. I would love to host guest posts there, so if you’re reading this and have a story to share but no blog, please do get in touch.

Due to my own mental health being a little wonky/tired I took an unplanned hiatus over the summer, but there is a new link up live, now until the end of October. After this we will be back to the regular schedule of monthly prompts, which are, of course, optional!

Wicked Wednesday

Self promotion may not be my strong suit, but if you would like to support my blog so I can keep trying to learn then there are various ways you can do this. Firstly, making a purchase through my affiliate links gives me a small payment, at no extra cost to you. Or you can buy me a coffee. Or you can sponsor a post, check out what I offer on my Work With Me page.


  1. A great promotion here, N, and one thing I have to say is that I love your style of writing, and love visiting your blog. I am on a journey of self-discovery (posts are on my Medium), but your blog helps me with that too, reading about your journey. And, I am so happy MM is back!
    Oh and lastly… I absolutely loved your story for round 4 of the BFM!
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I think you are such a positive blogger and glad Mindful is back – TY for the mention. You made a great job of your “work with me” page – not surprised it worked xx

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