I'm nervous in an alley as I expose my breasts in a little alley that leads to the toilets of a cafe.

Nervous In An Alley

Header image for Nervous in an alley shows me exposing my breasts in a little alley that leads to the toilets of a cafe.

This week I’m continuing my Scavenger Hunt with a location which looks, on the face of it, to be very hidden away. Don’t be fooled though! After all, looks can be deceiving. I was uncharacteristically nervous in an alley for this picture!

You see, SWL and I had been drinking tea in a little cafe on our trip.

Following a very full pot I looked around for the loo. (The saying “If you pee on it you own it” seemed unlikely to go down well in the tea rooms!) There was no sign, so I approached the owner. She directed me out to the street, through the open door and down the little alley. The toilet would be at the end. You know you are taking something too seriously when the urge to pee is overtaken by the need to bag another location, but the word just leapt out of her chatter at me and I caught SWL’s eye. A look passed between us.

One that said “Alley. That’s on the list!”

The game was on!

But reality hit and I did relieve myself first. After, between the tourists passing the doorway and our shared anxiety that another customer would require want to use the facilities, we got the shot. Me, breasts exposed, nervous in an alley.

As is my way, I decided to share another hunter, who seems less nervous in alleys.

Reading her text I love that Marie took her image so close to home! So, so brave, and what a glorious view. Also, I love that she shares the definition of a word that’s been thrown at me once or twice. Check out her post Alley Tramp to see what I mean.

Also, because I’m enjoying the September Song Project it seemed prudent to link in to a tune that has been in my periphery for years and popped into my head as I wrote this post.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Nervous In An Alley is my 79th location shared for my Scavenger Hunt adventures. I was reminded of one particular favourite of mine last week. I decided to share it here in case you missed it: Sharing the stone row! But why?


  1. I totally understand why you were nervous. Mine was between the houses and chances that someone would need to be in the same alley as where we were, were quite slim 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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