Lady, topless in a carpark, in the sunshine

Topless In A Carpark

Lady, topless in a carpark, in the sunshine

Next up in my scavenger hunting I’ve spotted exposing myself in a rooftop carpark, getting some much needed sunshine on my lily white breasts! I’ve been topless in a carpark before, but that was for an exit sign, and VERY different conditions! Rather than the icy rain of November, SWL and I had glorious summer sunshine this time. This is another of those images that I thought were gone forever, but since recovering them I’ve saved them to separate album. One of my goals for 2021 was to be a little calmer in my organisation. Halfway through the year and I seem to be making progress!

This is my 69th location find, which brings me to level pegging with Marie Rebel of Rebel’s Notes. For so long I’ve felt that it may not be achievable to reach her. Now though, I’m going to leapfrog her as my hunting continues and hers has come to an end. To mark the occasion I wanted to match up our posts. So I had a thorough location inspection in the Participants page. If you’ve never checked out the scavenger hunt I would whole-heartedly recommend this as your first stop. It is always inspiring to check out where others are getting cheeky, out and about.

Anyway, this is how I came to sharing my breasts in a car park this week. To match up with Marie’s Hotel Car Park. This was a milestone for her, her 20th location, so it seemed a natural place to pair up. Her 69th was a public coffee machine! I’ve yet to make that happen as the ones near me seem to always be in the middle of busy stores!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me and my post, and congratulations on leapfrogging me. I will continue to enjoy the Scavenger Hunt through your eyes. No way I’m getting back to it.
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I’ve always been a fan of your adventures.and I’m looking forward to highlighting more of your posts as I continue with my hunt. N xx

  2. It’s always good to let the sunshine get to our skin when we get the chance isn’t it, as long as it’s not too much!

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