On it, like a car bonnet.


I admit it… I’m an exhibitionist.

In my world I take personal responsibility for my actions, I always have and I hope I always will. But there is one person who got the ball rolling in this area (having been very reluctant to be in photographs clothed, let alone baring my flesh- in public or on camera- before I met him) and many more who have embedded that learning for me by being such fine examples of body positivity.

I also happen to be a mischief maker.

And it seems that is a little bit infectious. With a growing selection of willing accomplices I seem to have built up a collection of Scavenger Hunt locations to share. It is no secret I would like to catch up to the Scavenger Hunt Queen, after all. The problem I have now is deciding which order to share them in! Do I wait and include them in posts I was due to write anyway? Or do I run off on a tangent and have a side project of risky public exposure? Maybe a bit of both…? As it is me there will need to be some flexibility to this, but I aim to share one Scavenger hunt post a week. If it fits with what I have planned to write then awesome, if not that’s ok too.

During Every Damn Day in June I feel like I learnt a lot, and as a result I am hoping to take a more organised approach to my little corner of the internet, and also to spread the love of other bloggers a little more. With this in mind I will be choosing a fellow scavenger to share alongside me each week, with their matching location. There are some amazing exhibitionists sharing on their blogs already, but I wonder if anyone else will be tempted to join in? Maybe us hunters can inspire a few more?

Now that is sorted, where shall I start?

I was enjoying the comments on my most recent location, the golf course, and Collared Michael‘s comment gave me a nudge:

“Fabulous. The great adventure continues. And I’m along for the ride!”

So, for my twentieth scavenger hunt location, it seemed only right that if he is along for the ride I had better get in the car. Or, more accurately, ON the car.

I love the images created by Purple Sole and Little Gem, whose post Car Polishing Service? captured my imagination. Gem is so elegantly balanced, and they have created a cheeky yet beautiful photograph.

Goodness, I feel almost organised!

 Scavenger Hunt Bronze

On it, like a car bonnet was first published on A Leap Of Faith.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. I think it will be good to use the images in different ways and sometimes it is nice to share something that just feels light and a bit naughty. I love your idea of sharing too. Great image 😊

    1. Finding these locations and taking appropriate pictures is a challenge I find to be so much fun. And if I can encourage others to join in then all the better. Life should be fun, wherever possible.

  2. Love this one, its just so cheeky! I’m looking forward to see all your images as you race to the top of the board!

    1. Thank you Bee, I hope i can keep uncovering new places. And I hope that more people join in.

    1. Thank you Marie. I am so bad at sharing, not because I don’t want to but because I get overwhelmed with choosing. This seems like a good start, to promote a meme that gets my grin going without fail. So many mischief makers, I wonder if we can inspire some more to take part. N x

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