sleeker sexier model header image of naked woman in a strap on.

Sleeker Sexier Model

sleeker sexier model header image of naked woman in a strap on.

I’m so excited! Check out what the postman brought me earlier in the week. A new piece of equipment. I’ve finally replaced the £3 strap on harness I bought on wish about 3 years ago with a sleeker, sexier model! It has been a really great introduction to this new world of play, but time marches on and bargain basement purchases wear out. A couple of weeks ago I was taking a new play mate for a ride when my dick fell off. Again!

I completely agree, this is one of the perils of adding an appendage! It doesn’t mean I have to be pleased about it though.

On this occasion I wasn’t quite… there… I had been the last time, and the time before that. I guessed at the time it was the height difference between my friend and I but Rico was at perfect thrusting height and the dil-dick in question had a wide base. It was time to rectify the situation!!

Now, I could have changed the O-rings for some that hadn’t been battered, but the fact remains that the flimsy design of my old harness just wasn’t quite cutting it anymore. With confidence comes enthusiasm and those straps were not comfortable or stable.

Taking to Twitter in search of recommendations I am so grateful to those who shared their expertise. I followed up by reading some reviews and settled on Rose’s top choice. Once I’ve had chance to take this baby for a test drive I’ll do a complete review, but for now I love how comfortable, secure and downright sexy I feel in the SpareParts HardWare Joque. Even better, while I sat stroking my shaft, guess what… my rubber cock stayed exactly where I put it! I can hardly wait to take this one out for a proper spin!

Sinful Sunday

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  1. I did click on the link to see the actual product and I have to say I look forward to seeing the back as much as the front.


    1. I’m not certain I can link that in to the July prompt, but it’s proven its worth already, I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts properly.

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