Born to be real, not perfect

When my new rope arrived yesterday morning I was so excited. 

For some reason natural jute has always passed my collection by, and though I have coloured jute it isn’t the best quality. I had a strange week last week, while striving for perfection there were moments I almost forgot that all I need to do is follow my feet, getting myself in quite a pickle. I decided that what I needed was some new rope, which just happened to coincide with my friends over at Skorpion Rope reopening their shop. I love their picture tutorials online, and in person Angel has both taught and tied me. If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and passionate rope vendor I can’t recommend these two highly enough. Before you ask I haven’t been paid to say this.

As soon as my boys were in bed I oiled and singed a couple of lengths to use in a self tie.

I knew what I was going to attempt and pulled the tutorial up. Pleased to see Lazarus has a picture tutorial to follow as this is my preference for learning, but I have a new phone and have yet to learn how to keep the screen on long enough to make this feasible. It has been a little while since I have followed a video for learning a new tie and so, with a slowed down screen, wonderfully stiff new rope and an out of practise learning brain I got started.

I tied, I looked, I jiggled, I fiddled, I untied, I retied…

While I was wearing the harness I couldn’t quite see what needed to be adjusted though I knew it wasn’t perfect. Taking it off and enjoying the rope kisses on my ribs I was able to look at the images I had captured. Remembering how the ropes lay and how they felt in my fingers when I was tying myself, I took the time to think it all through. The perfectionist in me was desperate to have another go, try again, do it properly this time, share something better to post for this weeks prompt. However, I am making the effort to be kinder to Sir’s property, to not be so hard on myself. We don’t need to tie the perfect stardust harness to be enough.

Perhaps just being ourselves is perfection in itself.

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Born to be real, not perfect was first published on A Leap of Faith.


  1. I think it’s so cool you tied yourself! I will never be able to do this tie without help, as I am not that flexible to do anything behind my back, not that high up, it is. I might just have some help this weekend 🙂
    I really love your tie!
    ~ Marie

    1. Thank you Marie. I’m a bit of a rope slut so had to learn to tie myself as most of my available play time is solo. Mind you, I still haven’t mastered the handcuffs you shared last week. They were so well tied, and neat! N xx

  2. Didn’t we mention how we both seem to be perfectionists? haha. I enjoy reading that you didn’t redo it to get it perfect because I think that’s rather healthy to do sometimes. And from where I’m standing it looks pretty perfect to me, and it’s slight imperfection (still hard to detect lol!) makes it all the more authentic, really 😉

    1. Hahaha, I think you may be right… i think we may be the same person, just a few hundred miles and a decade apart. 😉

      It’s a tricky tie to get absolutely perfect first time round.

    1. I certainly did. It was a challenge (and the back is not pretty!) but I did it 🙂

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