Pink Bra and knickers set being reviewed for two truths and a lingerie lie

Two Truths And A Lingerie Lie

Pink Bra and knickers set being reviewed for two truths and a lingerie lie

I decided to treat myself to some new lingerie. And I love them so much, and was impressed with my shopping experience, so I wanted to share them here, with you. But have you seen the prompt for Wicked Wednesday? I thought I’d try something a little different, seeing as I’m rubbish at lying! Or… perhaps I should say I’m too honest for my own good? Will you be able to work out which are my two truths and a lingerie lie? When I share them at the end.

I found this set in the Playful Promises sale.

I love a bargain, and was happy to try and sneak around in the sale section and bag myself a steal. Sometimes the sales pages are pretty tricky to navigate and find matching tops and bottoms. Then I get frustrated and shut down the browser before I waste any more time NOT finding something that I really want! However, on this occasion I hit gold. The search function was simple and straightforward. Given the current circumstances and my ever changing shape I was pleased to find the measuring guide. I filtered the options accordingly and then started scrolling.

The bra caught my eye.

In all honesty it was probably the colour, but I have always wanted a bra that was this shape, so the Hustler Margot, available in my size, was a great choice. Still, this is where I normally fall down. Finding the other half in my size. Having to go back to the main menu was going to give me a headache, but the matching knickers popped up in a recommended product page. And, would you believe it- they were available in my size! They weren’t going to slip away from me! I added them to my basket and headed for the checkout. So, I’d bagged myself a bargain and completed the purchase. All I had to do now was wait for the postman to deliver.

Which he did, a couple of days later!

Since moving here my postmen have been a little, ummm, ambitious in what they believe will fit in my letterbox. And some of the items I’ve collected from the sorting office have been less than discretely packaged by the time I get there. It’s fair to say that I’m not overly worried about the outside of my post. But if you are the kind of person who would rather not have your online purchases identifiable then this may not be the brand for you.

Photograph of the playful promises conspicuous packaging.

Inside this conspicuous packet both items were individually wrapped- in their own plastic pouch. And pulling out the flimsy fabric I knew I’d made the right choice. I’ve been a fan of sheer fabric for quite some time now, and lace has been growing on me. I’m a little fussy though, I only like soft lace. Some can feel quite harsh against my thick delicate skin, but a gentle brush against my face told me everything I needed to know. Soft, silky, stretchy… perfect!

My cheek luxuriated in the decadence proffered by my new knicks.

The brief’s gusset grips comfortably, but without the slicing action of some thong style panties. Underneath, it is double layered, but not bulky. For me this is helpful when exercising as the fabric wicks away sweat. And the seam between the rear fabric strip and the gusset is not noticeable.

Thinking about that stretchy strip… Had I checked out the pictures online? I was surprised at just how little fabric there was down there!

My observation skills- or lack thereof-  had led me to a happy accident, as I probably wouldn’t have chosen such a fine thong back.

But I do rather like the view without my customary Brazilian backed brief.

The cup shape will always come down to personal preference. I’ve always wanted this style, coveted SWL’s similarly shaped brassiere. I wanted it to frame my chest, just so. To highlight my neckline and elegantly dress my collar bones. I really hoped this would happen.

And it did! As a result, I am completely smitten!

The underwire is a single piece, so I imagine if you have the wrong size it could get quite uncomfortable. You can see in the picture, as I stretched up to take the photo, that it is digging in in the middle. That isn’t an issue at all when not in such an unnatural position. On the days I’ve worn these, taking that picture is the only time I experienced discomfort.

Covering the wire is a soft, durable fabric, reminiscent of velvet. A great anchor point for the cups, but also gentle under my breasts.

I can be quite sensitive under there!

Backing the lace cups is a soft, sheer fabric. Were the lace rough (which, as we discovered earlier, it isn’t) this fabric would be a godsend. As it is the extra layer lends itself to secure shaping. I can only imagine that this will also give me a more durable bra. I made my purchase in the sale, but that doesn’t mean I want to replace it next month.

The traditional double clasp at the back, and easy-to-adjust straps, finish off this comfy ensemble in a way that I have come to expect.

Now that you’ve read about my experiences with my new smalls, I wonder if you can tell me something. Below are three statements about my bra and panties.

Can you identify the two truths and the lingerie lie?

  1. I feel cheeky, flirty and sexy in my new underwear.
  2. Running in this set is an absolute joy!
  3. I’m already browsing for my next purchase.
Wicked Wednesday

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  1. First of all, this really IS a beautiful set! I never heard of the underwire being in one piece, and can see how that can be uncomfortable when it’s the wrong size, and when you wear it for too long. Which is why I think running in this will not really be comfortable, so number 2 must be the lie 😉
    ~ Marie xox

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