Revealing my breast and exposing myself in a field of corn.

Exposing Myself in a Field of Corn

Revealing my breast and exposing myself in a field of corn.

My next location for my scavenger hunt is Crops, I really wanted to try exposing myself in a field of corn. This was on my “must create” list for 2020, but knowing that my choice only has a relatively short season I knew I’d need to keep my eyes peeled. As it happens, this is actually the second time I bagged this location.

On the first occasion I’d been to Dartmoor, spotted a field through a hedge. I had to reverse a hundred metres up the road. I got the picture, but the corn looked so sad and brown. I’m an equal-opportunies exhibitionist, but on this occasion I decided to keep looking. I think you all deserve better than a lacklustre image!

And so, when I was out on a wet and muddy run local to home I made an exciting discovery. A field I’ve passed through dozens of times but I’ve only seen cows in there before. On this day I discovered this lively green and slowly maturing field of corn. I’d not taken this route out of town for many months, with the lockdown my runs were somewhat curtailed. But here I was! And what a lush surprise.

This week I would like to share Marie Rebel’s Cropping. Having met her at Eroticon 2019, I know we are a similar height. Can you believe the height of the Maize that she is sharing with us? Don’t be too distracted by this though, there is a beautiful breast on display too!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

If you’ve enjoyed seeing me exposing myself in a field of corn check out the rest of my scavenger hunt locations here. Looking back, this one is my top pick for today.


    1. That’s the word I was hunting for, thank you! It was a glorious find, this field

  1. Oh love your image, and thank you for highlighting mine. It instantly reminded me of a brilliant weekend with a lovely couple, who sadly’s not together anymore…
    ~ Marie xox

    1. I loved yours. And that giant corn! I’m glad I could remind you of a wonderful time x x

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