the barefoot sub on a brick wall, dressed in latex at sun down

Latex at Sun Down

the barefoot sub is sitting on a brick wall, in Latex at sun down

As week three of February photo fest draws to a close it seems fitting to share this one with you; me in latex at sun down. This was from one of the last sets I created with Popeye images, back in October 2018, before the sun set on our wild shoot.

There are times I review with great interest, times like this. Photography gives us a connection with the past, and there is opportunity to reflect I was a different woman then; bigger, less confident, waiting for something to happen. Now, I find myself looking for

challenges to complete, confident that in my state of health- mental and physical- I can achieve pretty much anything.

The super shiny latex reflecting the flash, while the last dregs of a glorious sunset blazed through the sky. I hadn’t considered that the camera would pick up the burning red, or the visual oil slick of my clothes. But I was wrong. The two of us took some stunning shots, I’m sure some more of them will show up here eventually.

Sinful Sunday

If you like Latex at Sun Down, you can find another image from this shoot in this post: My legs are longer than my patience. This was the second piece of erotica I wrote here on a leap of faith.


    1. The stars lined up for this shoot, and I’m so glad I got to work with this talented photographer.

  1. This is wonderful! I love the pose and I can’t believe you managed to capture that amazing sunset, the softness of the colors is a lovely contrast to your shiny latex.

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