the barefoot subs chest on display for rope nipples and sunset

Rope Nipples and Sunset

the barefoot subs chest on display for rope nipples and sunset

The theme for week three of February photo fest is Barefoot in the wild. We are heading back to Dartmoor today, for rope, nipples and sunset. With Loki again this time, my usual Dartmoor mischief maker, rather than the photographer from yesterday’s post.

This visit to Dartmoor took place last year, between lockdowns. It was vital for my mental health on that day, as I shared for Self Care: Practise. And the trip left me feeling on top of the world, as you can see here, in the image for Light and Shade. But this image does different things to me. Three of my favourite things are included in it, can you tell what they are? (Answers at the bottom of the post!)

Roll on the slightly warmer weather! I can barely wait to be bound in my favourite place, with one of my most trusted people at the bight. Plans for the (not too distant) future are abound.

Rope Nipples and Sunset is one of many posts featuring Dartmoor. Here is an old favourite: Wind Tor For Boobday. It includes rope and nipples, but it is the stormy clouds which make this work.

ย The three favourite things are: Body writing, Dartmoor and Rope.ย 


    1. I’ve got the song in my head now! I’ll be making up new lyrics as I cook dinner tonight ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. I just had to go back and check out the hair. My eyes are always drawn to the lettering, and then the rope lines under my breast. N x

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