Woodland Adventure sinnovator kegel eggs moss trekking

A Woodland Adventure

Woodland Adventure sinnovator kegel eggs river crossing

Having heard all about the snowy adventures of the G-Silicone family day out, the Sinnovator kegel eggs wanted a turn. A woodland adventure was in store for these little silicone eggs!

There was a lot of eggs-ploring to be done, and they certainly had a blast.

The first challenge they faced was the river! Not the easy task they had expected, due to the melting snow and heavy rainfall.

Once they made it to the other side there were treacherous paths through thick moss and fallen trees.

And finally, they faced the rock monsters on a calm stream beach.

Quite the forest quest for these intrepid explorers!

Before long it was time to go home and warm up, in their favourite way. One at a time, of course!

SWL thinks they could do with some little woolly hats, in case they take another visit to the woods. If there are any kinky crafters out there who are up for the challenge, give me a nod in the comments or via my contact page. I do like to take care of my playthings.

February Photofest

If you enjoyed seeing these toys getting up to some wholesome fun in the great outdoors, you might enjoy seeing their owner (me) in her own woodland adventure?  You are never too old to set a new goal. 


    1. They were trying to pose for the camera on a little rope swing, but the pink one bounced off and almost got swept away in the stream. I was very pleased to have such brightly coloured toys, other wise I may have not spotted it in the water! Who knew how useful my love of colour would be?!

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