barefoot in the snow

Barefoot in the Snow!

Naked legs and feet standing barefoot in the snow

It is the start of week three of my February photo fest. The theme for the next seven days is Barefoot in the Wild, a selection of images from my adventures which I hope you will enjoy them. It seemed apt to begin with this picture. Taken on a recent trip to Dartmoor I surprised myself by taking off my shoes, socks, tights and more socks in order to walk barefoot in the snow.

It was quite exhilarating, let me tell you!!

I’m not sure who was more amused at my reaction: me or Loki? Either way, we laughed our way down the path, as we so often do when out and about together.

I’m not a fan of being cold, as I may have expressed in my scavenger hunt post early in the new year, Snow Fun. However, my masochism runs deep and I needed to experience icy soles. I was not disappointed, but I can’t say I would like to do it again! Give me a searing hot cane welt over sub zero temperatures any day of the week!

February Photofest
As much fun as being barefoot in the snow was perhaps you would enjoy a warmer image that I created with Loki? Life is Swell.


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