The master is just hanging around

Hanging Around in Nature

The master is just hanging around

Look what I found, hanging around in nature; in a local tree! I may have had to teach the glass dildo about hiding in plain sight, but the Master seems to have taken matters into his own hands…

Perhaps this toy has been spending too much time with me?

I almost didn’t see it there, dangling from the branch as it was. For a pink toy, it certainly blends in with the natural world surprisingly well.

Ah well, that handy finger hole has come in very useful indeed! And not just for my pleasure. Who knew what an adventurous vibrator this one was. Certainly not me.

I’m only on day three of my second week for February Photo Fest 2021 and things appear to be getting out of hand! My toys in the wild week seems to have taken on a life of it’s own.

February Photofest
I do like to test my toys in exciting ways, not just by hanging around in nature… just like the Satisfyer Master. I reviewed it after May More sent it to me, along with the V-Balls, and you can find that post here.
Have you got a product you’d like me to take on some adventures and review? I’d love to hear from you, get in touch!




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