Self tied armbinder, a captured moments

Frozen Moments

Self tied armbinder, a captured moments
Barefoot Framed in an armbinder.

How do we capture moments in time? If you are anything like me you will have photo albums, cached memories waiting to reshare their stories. I have a love of photographs, I have always enjoyed sitting and looking through the pictures in well thumbed books where the plastic coated pages peeled back crispily at the corners. As a little girl I could often be found searching through my grandparents shelves hunting for my favourite album, or my favourite moment in time. To this day those heavy collections hold so much charm for me, scattered now among relatives since both grandparents passed away. I am so grateful to have digital technology now, where I can take photos to my hearts content, and treasure those memories. Printing and framing pictures to hang them on my walls feels positive. And I also have a selection which I have had printed onto canvas.

Joy, for me, is being surrounded by art, inspiration and memories.

A few years ago I opened an Instagram account. A digital photo album for me to chart my progression in rope. That was all it was for, my development in self ties. It didn’t take long until I was finding inspiration from other people, self-tiers who could do the impossible. Some were on instagram, others on Fetlife. But the more I looked the more I wanted to push myself. Enter Bombi, one of the most exciting self-riggers I have seen and a rope hero on Fetlife. He is not only adventurous in rope and easy on the eye but he is gracious and humble. He is the first person I witnessed tie themselves into an armbinder, and I knew that I wanted to do it myself.

And so I tried, and those moments have been frozen in time.

I stand by the idea that anyone with some basic rope skills and a little flexibility in their shoulders could tie this. But I would not recommend trying alone, especially the first time. As ML reminds everyone with each prompt, safety first!

My first attempt at this tie was by far my neatest. However, as I was alone and up on my bed the bound-arms-forward-tumble could have been really, really bad news. What was I thinking, bad barefoot? The second time I was lucky! My friend was a spotter, and there were offers for help tidying ends but… in the spirit of being a strong, independent woman I just asked for them to take the pictures for me. The third image is an attempt last week. While being safety girl for a friend I realised I could ask him to help me by spotting. This way I could try the armbinder for this weeks Tie Me Up Tuesday prompt when he was safely out of his own self-inflicted predicament.

It was my third time. So, does practise make perfect?

The first attempt and picture was taken at my largest. The second, about a stone off and the third is 7 stone less. What do I notice from all of these images though? It is not my size, oh no. It is my confidence. The first image is a very carefully placed armbinder. The second is the neat work of a woman who desperately wants her friends to approve of her, and validate her. The third is me as I am now, confident and capable, but not full of fear of getting it wrong. I notice the flaws and plan how I could improve next time, rather than being cross with myself for not getting it perfect. For not visiting him prepared for any eventuality, and so using his ropes. Without my desire to take pictures I would never have been able to see the massive changes in myself.

So I shall continue to enjoy the opportunity to reflect on my progress, through moments in time, captured through the lens.

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Frozen moments was first published on A Leap of Faith


  1. I am really amazed by your self-tie skills, and seriously sat her wondering how it’s even possible to tie behind your back. This thought comes because I can’t even tie my bra behind my back, let alone rope haha. And I am not that flexible either. I will just continue to enjoy images like these you have shared 🙂
    ~ Marie

    1. Oh, have no doubt… i can’t do my own bra behind my back. But the arms are single column ties repeated down each side. The lacing is the only thing done behind the back. N x

    1. It hadn’t been something I considered until I realised that it was a thing. And as soon as I discovered that I found such peace. Start simple and build from there. I’d love to see how you get along N x

  2. Wonderful. My memory’s so fallible that I find pictures fascinating – they’re often a window into a time I’ve completely forgotten. I really should start documenting more with images.

    1. My memories with Sir are so well documented through our email communications, but i was so nervous about the in-between times. Turns out my capturing of memories in my camera files has been a whole new adventure in wandering through my past. I cant recommend it enough.

    1. My friend captured the tie on video. The confusion in my body language (I was facing away from the camera) half way through is a good reminder that not all is as it seems! It is always fun though, even when I’m frown-smiling. X

  3. Doing these on yourself is amazing to me. But I do not have patience or flexibility lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts too and images of your journey. I love that it is confidence and if I may kindness to yourself too that shows through in your new attitude.

    Thank you

    Sweetgirl 🌸

    1. I try to be kind to myself, and I think that’s a lesson we can all try to take forward. It certainly takes practise and isn’t as easy as it looks.

  4. I really like the sentiment that comes through in your writing about your admiration for rope and how you ended up getting into it yourself. I am amazed at how you can do this tie on yourself. It makes me want to try it out and I think I will. I love how you’re talking about your progression, which is captured in these images. I’m so glad you wrote this

    1. I definitely think you should try. His written tutorial is on his fetlife, Bombi

      It is technically straight forward. But one handed tying with my weaker side (im very right handed) proved tricky this time around.

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