The barefoot sub exposes herself at the telephone box

The Telephone Box

The barefoot sub exposes herself at the telephone box

While out walking late summer, 2019, I was shown this telephone box.

It no longer houses a telephone, but is a charity book stall. I picked out a few books for myself and my children, but not before flashing my breasts for the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately I had lost my words for writing at this point, and so the image sat in my drive. Waiting.

Waiting to be shared here!

Until now. With the UK facing a second national lockdown I am reminded that not everyone is as keen on solitude as I am. Perhaps, as someone who is happiest in my own company, I could do more to make sure that the gregarious folks in my circle have the company that they need. Even the introverts who live alone and are realising they “should be careful what [they] wish for” may like more connection? (I was quoting my mum.) Just picking up the phone occasionally may be helpful to them in ways that I can only try and understand? As Mason Cooley says:

“The telephone gives us the happiness of being together yet safely apart”

And when they don’t answer the phone? Well, that’s ok. I can disappear into the world of books again. Or enjoy the big open sky on a long run…

…and find some more scavenger hunt locations!

I’m not the only hunter who has found themself in a telephone box. Sub Bee found one back in 2016 while on a family holiday, and bared their chest in Call Me. The risk of getting caught evident with the words:

“After getting in position, it felt like every family in the park wanted to cycle past us.”

Definitely part of the thrill of the challenge for me, and I love to see others facing the same exciting issues as myself!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze


The Telephone box was first published on A Leap of Faith.


  1. I love all the different ways they’ve repurposed these iconic phone boxes! And like you I love the thrill of the challenge too.

    1. This, and cash points are the only way I have seen so far. Iconic is a good word. These take me back to a time of calling my first boyfriend from the box at the top of my hill.

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