the barefoot sub is sitting pretty in pink flowers with her breasts out.

Sitting Pretty in Pink

The barefoot sub is sitting pretty in pink, exposing herself in amongst the flowers.

Pretty pink flowers to match pretty pink nipples.

After my travels earlier in the year, when I met K and took the train I was feeling a bit flat. Post holiday blues? Or perhaps missing my children? Maybe even just having an emotional recharge…? What I do know is that the scavenger hunt gave me something to focus on. Setting myself the challenge of getting 5 locations each day over a few days was a lot of fun. Lots of topless smiles with the background included for Sir, as was the task he initially set to encourage my mischievous behaviour. More material for my posts here.

It’s been a long time since my cheeks have flared to match my nipples.

However, on this day they did, and you can see the colour creeping down my neck. By rights I should never have needed to expose myself in the middle of the seaside town on a Sunday afternoon, but three of the initial locations I had planned were out of the question (children nearby) and so I needed to continue hunting. This was number four of the day. Seeing the banks of flowers in their planters I wondered… And dashed over to the page where I discovered that planters were indeed a location!

With this new piece of information (which was less of a dash and more of a hobble. Seaside mobile data is slow!) I settled down to take the picture. I have about a dozen images as every time I thought I was ready to go a noise came from behind me or I glimpsed someone out of the corner of my eye.

It is no wonder my pink cheeks betrayed my nerves.

Not only was I able to use the location I had found to share such a beautiful floral display, but I found that Marie Rebel had found her local planters irresistible too. She definitely adds a certain appeal to the Green Decorations.

There are so many fabulous posts just waiting to be checked out, both on the scavenger hunt and Wicked Wednesday, where this weeks prompt is Pink.

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    1. I didn’t do many days, but it made me smile in that slump.
      I love the way you hiding in the Bush. Its a pleasure to share your post N xx

    1. It isn’t as impressive as it sounds, but was a great way to pep myself up. I do enjoy a challenge. 😁

    1. Such pretty flowers though, aren’t they? It was definitely the right day to capture the planters.

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