Barefoot takes the train


While I was on my travels I took the opportunity to meet someone who inspires me in my Scavenger Hunt activities.

I knew that I would be taking the train for my day trip in to London, but I hadn’t been prepared for how busy the train would be, social distancing was adhered to, but there was no way to sneak a picture. An evening sipping wine and swapping tales with the Scavenger Hunt Queen and her lovely husband meant that I had a much quieter return journey, and a little more courage. I pinged the first couple off to SWL who pointed out that they could be taken anywhere so I had to get braver.

No cameras, no one in eye sight, no guard… Deep breath!

This one was met with the SWL-seal of approval!

It wouldn’t feel right to share anyone else’s train adventures than the wonderful K, given that I took this one on the day I met her. Have a look at her amazing post, Modesty takes the tube. I hope she inspires more of you to join in the fun of this body confidence boosting meme.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. I’m so envious of this location. I’ve never been on a train empty enough, no matter what time of night. Maybe I need to go and find me a remote location that nobody travels to.

    1. They are so lovely! I spend a lot of my time online and it’s nice to be able to put real people to those online personas. Xx

    1. This one was entirely Dutch courage. (Or californian courage, I think that was where the wine came from!)
      I think he could learn rope, he certainly has the passion for it. But maybe starting out on himself first 🤔 xxx

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