Love is always open arms


Love is always open arms

~Leo Buscaglia~

In a world where there seems to be so much hate, so much intolerance, so much judgement, I choose to see the beauty that surrounds me.

There is so much love in the world, so much joy, so much happiness. I choose to open my arms and welcome it all in.

Of course, I have been massively lucky with the natural wonders that surround me, and the wonderful friends who join me on adventures.

But I believe I have made my own luck, by learning to feel the fear and trying my best anyway, embracing the opportunities as they present themselves…

By opening my arms and always letting the love flow both in and out.

Sinful Sunday



    1. Hiding in plain site, as always. I love where I live, but am looking forward to finding new places to expose myself 😉 xx

  1. This is an amazing spot to have captured this shot. Your arms open wide like you are offering all of this view to us is perfect


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