Barefoot sub topless at a stone row

Sharing The Stone Row! But Why?

Barefoot sub topless at a stone row

Standing by the stone row in the afternoon sun was glorious!

I wanted to share this beautiful place for the scavenger hunt. There is more then one way to share a stone row, though. Some are perhaps less than ideal. But why did this have to happen? Well, let me tell you…

Loki and I share a well documented love affair with Dartmoor, recently documented here, overlooking Burrator reservoir. The image shared there was taken at the start of the walk on a recent visit. It was also the second day of my self-set challenge to find 5 locations daily for the scavenger hunt. Loki is always game for a laugh, I couldn’t have named him after the nordic god of mischief if he weren’t! Having explained my plans to him he made a route plan as I drove up onto the moor.

I hadn’t left Burrator in this direction before, and was very glad to enjoy the views.

Dropping off of Down Tor to Hingston Hill stone circle I was greeted with the most complete stone row I have seen so far. There were three men milling around, looking at the stones, so we decided to sit in the glorious summer sunshine and munch on some of our trail picnic. Two of the men seemed to get impatient and exchanged words with the third, then turned and stalked off into the distance.

The third stayed. Intent on capturing each tiny dimple in the stone with his camera. He kept tossing looks over his shoulder at us, we both thought he was behaving like these were his stones and he wanted to be alone with them.

We demolished the rest of the food in our packs and yet he still stayed.

Having the goal of five, and seeing this beautiful megalithic structure I was reluctant to leave without capturing it. I was glad to have Loki, but it took a little creativity to get the shot. When the photographer had moved down a couple of stones, and before the ponies arrived, we did it. The first location of the day ticked off. And it felt like quite the triumph!

I’m sure, as we walked past him along the looming granite blocks he was over the moon too.

To have the beautiful stone row all to himself once more.

I’m not the only one to have scored a historical place in the scavenger hunt. Indeed not. There are a number of us, but the post I want to share this week is from 2013, when Our Changing Views visited a priory and shared for Surprise Saturday. If you explore the post you will find a wonderful surprise kneeling in wait. I love the depth of colour they have captured in their images, but also the hidden photograph.
Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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  1. This is such a fabulous location, I can’t wait to be allowed to get out and explore the country without all the restrictions! As for the guys, perhaps they were hoping for some naughty images themselves.

    1. I hadn’t considered that! Maybe we were intruding on them? It is always interesting to see anothers perspective.

      Mind you… that could have made an interesting scavenger hunt image! 😉

    1. I’m not sure the other fella was that keen on my persistence, but it is a good characteristic to have

      And the picnic was delicious.

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