My dancing heart in a graveyard


This Scavenger hunt find is the first time I have felt conflicted over whether or not to capture it.

SWL and I had planned to capture my breasts at a more local AED to us, but during my recent road trip I was running along some trails. I passed a beautiful old church and ran through its graveyard. I was admiring the graves and plaques rather than paying attention to where my feet were taking me, which was slap bang into this!

However, there is a certain twisted humour to having a life saving device in a graveyard so… I couldn’t resist!

Sorry SWL, plenty more locations on the list!

There was certainly no need for me to have my heart restarted on this occasion. As is the way with any exposure my heart was pounding out of my chest. Add into that the heat, and the running! I was very much alive.

I am so excited to share A to Sub Bee this week, with her post My heart skips a beat. I love the way they describe the moments leading up to the perfect picture, their thoughts mirror mine. That fear that makes our hearts dance as we push the envelope on what is socially acceptable.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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