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It’s another round of TMI Tuesday questions, and I wasn’t going to join in this week but, I got sucked in because of my aversion to beards!!

1. Money or Fame? Why?

That depends what I can be famous for. I wonder if anyone ever got famous through being kind?

Perhaps money may be a better idea. Then I can show my boys the world!

2. Fish or Chicken?

Chicken. They are good on so many levels. They taste good, they lay eggs, they make fertilizer for the garden, they eat all the food waste. And I am confident cooking ot, whereas fish is going to take a lot of work.

3. Sleeping at night–too warm or too cold?

Too cold, always. If I am too warm sleeping does not happen. And then I get grumpy.

4. Beard or Moustache? Why?

Neither. Shave them off, shave them all off. Moustaches look ridiculous, and beards are icky! OK, not all facial hair is awful, but I just don’t wish to have it rub against my skin.

5. Cars–classic or modern?

Modern. They go faster and have better fuel efficiency.

6. Which holds more beauty–smile or eyes?

You can have the most beautiful eyes, but if there is no smile behind them they won’t hold the same appeal for me. But  there is a lot of truth in the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul”.

7. Soothing the soul–hiking or shopping?

Hiking! Absolutely.

Unless by shopping you mean a food market, where I can picnic on freebies on the way round and leave with arms full of deliciousness? For a feast mid-hike.

Bonus: What is your favorite type of foreplay?


Or dinner.

Or… bondage and forced orgasms…

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