a fine vintage car next to a woman with her breasts exposed.

A Fine Vintage

a fine vintage car next to a woman with her breasts exposed.

What luck, to stumble upon a fine vintage car on such a beautiful day, shared for my 67th Scavenger hunt post.. An unexpected, and unplanned for find, on one of the scavenging days that my camera girl and I embarked upon last summer. This is another of the photos presumed lost forever and re-discovered a short while ago, like last weeks castle.

We have a list, SWL and I.

Or rather, she has a list. As discussed previously I’m not that organised. I can be, but I choose a more relaxed approach to life. However, I appreciate that my friend tends towards strict structure and organisation so I compromise in order for us both to have a fun day out. The longer we are friends the more I am rubbing off on her.

On this occasion though, we struck gold when we pulled into the car park of a place we knew there would be locations to snag. There, near the entry/exit, was this beautiful vintage car, glittering in the afternoon sunshine. Just waiting to pose next to me and my attention seeking breasts! Do you know how long we had to take, paying for parking, in order to achieve a gap in the human traffic? Long enough that I was beginning to wish I had sun cream on!

I love sharing fellow hunters exposing themselves at a matching site.

This week I’m unable to as the only matching post, by Pieces of Jade, is unavailable currently. However, as mentioned above, last week I visited a castle. And so I want to share her #NaughtyScavengerHunt- Castle find. The smiles on display, as well as her beautiful curves, are truly a delight. Not only do I love this post with the joy radiating from the pictures, I adore her blog so please do go and give her some love! Jade was the host of the scavenger hunt when I first started sharing myself for this meme, and I’m so glad she welcomed me in.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Have you enjoyed A Fine Vintage? If you’d like to see more about why I enjoy the scavenger hunt so much check out this post: The birth of an exhibitionist.


    1. Hehe, thank you Marie! Perhaps the magic of having hyper-organised friends is that I look to be that way too?! N xx

  1. I cannot tell you how long I have spent loitering around locations waiting for a gap in traffic haha! But it’s always so much fun when you finally get the picture, isn’t it.

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