What is… TMI Tuesday


1. What is your phone screensaver at the moment?

The picture above is my current screensaver. On a rainy run in early february I spotted these Anemones. My Grans favourite flowers. I took this photo to share with my mum who misses her mum every day. It’s a nice way to remember that sparkly little woman too. She was always a drop of colour on a grey day!

2. What is currently on your playlist? (list top 5)

I have a long and expanding playlist. I recently participated inĀ Musically ranting and created this soundtrack of my life, but there were so many options…

  1. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker.
  2. Tricky – Christiansands
  3. Valerie Broussard – A Little Wicked
  4. Public Service Broadcasting – Spitfire
  5. Vast – Pretty When You Cry.

3. What are your last three internet searches?

  1. TMI Tuesday Blog
  2. Father Jack Arse
  3. Patient zero

4. What is your favorite sandwich filling?

Something with crunchy salad. It’s my aftercare speciality.

I’m flexible on the protein (so long as it’s not prawns!) but I do really like a well filled salad sandwich. Oh, and salad cream rather than mayo šŸ˜‰

5. What is one staple item all men should own?

A pair of well fitting Jeans. Or well worn workmens trousers… I never was very good at deciding.

Bonus: If you couldnā€™t be convicted of any one type of crime, what criminal charge would you like to be immune to?

The first thing that sprang to mind was taking pictures of myself in public places, naked. But firstly, thisĀ isn’t illegal, unless it causes public outrage. And secondly, if I was free to go around exactly as I please, with no worries in the world, where would the excitement be in my exhibitionist adventures?

So I did a little digging and found that the only criminal charges worth being immune to meant travelling to london, so that I could beat my rug in the street after 8am or walk down the street with a plank of wood. Seeing as I can do that in my home town with full immunity (the laws only apply to the metropolitan district) I think I won’t worry.

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    1. It’s an amazing one, isn’t it? I have never met someone who has heard it before though, your comment has made my day!

  1. Pretty pics, and a very sweet gesture.

    Nice playlist. I like She Wants Revenge, had not played them in a while. You got me playing them for a bit. I liked the songs Spitfire and Pretty When You Cry.

    Hahaha. These are illegal?
    “…I could beat my rug in the street after 8am or walk down the street with a plank of wood.”

    This was a good read. Have a great week.


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