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1. What is the last song you sang?

I can’t honestly say that I sang all of it, but I think I was definitely gasping along to him as I ran along the river bank yesterday…

I had never heard of him until a couple of months ago and this tune always makes me smile.

2. What place are you longing to visit?

I have wanderlust, I always have. Top of my list is the Pyrenees and the Black Forest. I am patient though, so while it may not happen this year I shall keep it in mind for when I have the funds and the time.

3. Tell us about the last time you were insulted?

The last time… I don’t tend to get insulted, I’m not responsible for other peoples opinions of me. I quite like being open to discussions that may be uncomfortable too, to understand an alternate point of view is something I value greatly.

4. When was the last time you hung out with anyone not in your immediate household? What did you do?

My mum is in my support bubble. She has just spent a few days with us and it meant that I was able to work during the day and run as well as do fun things with her and my children.

5. Fill in the blank: I spend a lot of hours _____ .

  • Playing with my children
  • Running
  • Writing
  • Completing tasks
  • Living my best life

Bonus: Which is worse–smelly feet or smelly breath?

Smelly breath!

But then, I am peculiar in that I’m not worried by the smell of odourous feet. I think it comes from years of being tortured by my brother. He would pin me down and hold his very smelly shoes over my face. They were so smelly my mum wouldn’t have them in the house, they had to be kept in the shed filled with cat litter to neutralise them. I guess the receptors that pick up on stinky insoles got burnt out a long time ago.

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