Sinfully Sprinkling Sunshine


The first sprinkling of freckles appears with the cherry blossom on the trees.

That’s the beauty of my skin, it displays natures kisses proudly for the world to see.

It won’t be long before I’m bound and naked in my happiest of places once more.

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Sinful Sunday



    1. Thank you so much. ? We have a lot of fun creating images like this and my friend will be so pleased to read your comment. X

    1. Definitely chose the right place to live. ❤️ So many more places to expose myself. Xx

    1. It was fun climbing up there while tied. Glad to be barefoot, made the grip and balance much safer.

  1. I dislike the word perfection but this is pretty damn close to it if ever it was. You look stunning. The grand surroundings simply accent your submission. This is amazing. <3 <3 <3

  2. What a fantastically beautiful image, with a perfect location matched to your gorgeous pose like some sacrificial alter or something, and all the contrasts therein, stunning! x

    1. I’m really touched by your words Bee, thank you. There is something so liberating about being tied up.

  3. Wow, I’m in love with this picture. Where did you find these rocks? It’s like they were made for this. The backdrop is stunning. I love green fields and scenery, and I really like how the sun hits your body here.

    1. I spend quite a lot of time up on dartmoor, which is where these rocks are. This tor (but different rocks) has featured in another sinful sunday post. “Sinfully basking” i think that one is called.

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